If you could sit your parents down, what would you ask them?

Many of us mean to take the time to chat with our parents. Like, really chat. About the big stuff. But daily life gets in the way.

In this Dumbo Feather mini-series, our editor Berry is determined to sit her rebellious, music-loving mum Lee down with a pile of her favourite records to get to the heart of things.

What follows is a story of love, losing those you love and musical surprises.

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#1: Women’s Voices

“Every life has its challenges. It’s just what you make of it.”—Lee

Berry looks forward to the luxury of sitting down with her mum over endless cups of tea and hours of music. But, as ever, life has other plans!

Thank goodness then for Mahler and the divine Sarah Vaughan.

Listen to music from the episode here.


#2: Men’s Voices 

“It seems so luxurious doesn’t it, to listen?”—Berry

Berry and Lee swoon over the ridiculously urbane Nat King Cole, Lee scandalises Berry with her favourite Beatle—and both chat about the challenges of motherhood.

Listen to music from the episode here.


#3: Up All Night

“It’s very nice for children to see their parents as real fully-fleshed-out people.” —Lee

In this final episode, we take a whirlwind tour of Lee’s vinyl collection—with stops at tantric songs and pyramid recordings—while Berry and Lee reflect on what it means to swap stories across generations.

Listen to music from the episode here.

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