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Episode #10 Missy Higgins: Singer, songwriter, treehugger

We loved hearing from singer-songwriter Missy Higgins about finding her way back to music after depression, creativity and motherhood—and the difficulty of writing a protest song.

If you’re struggling with depression—or someone you love is—please check out this list of resources for Australia from BeyondBlue.

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Episode #9 David Ritter: Polite teller of uncomfortable truths

We are always inspired by David Ritter, CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific. He is thoughtful, articulate and remarkably optimistic about humanity’s capacity to band together and stave off the worst effects of climate change. He makes us feel better!

We loved chatting with him about having tough conversations at BBQs, the language of resistance and why getting involved matters.

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Episode #8 Julian Burnside: Defender, arts lover, raconteur

What will it take for us to give refugees a fair go? Julian Burnside QC has a few ideas. The barrister (and arts lover and storyteller and much more besides) has been fighting for better treatment for refugees for 15 years.

He chatted to us recently about the value of listening to other people, why we should all support living artists and the piece of music that never fails to lift his soul.

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Episode #7 Noni Hazlehurst: Icon, empath, deadset legend.

Noni Hazlehurst, beloved Aussie actor and Play School presenter, fears our hearts are growing cold. That’s why she wants to create a positive news channel full of stories that reflect our ordinariness and vulnerability.

We sat down with her to chat about her idea and why it’s ok to feel things deeply. In fact, we need a whole lot more of it.

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Episode #6 Amy Ziering: Doco film-maker, really good listener

How do we help people move through trauma? Just listen, says Amy Ziering. And she’d know. The documentary filmmaker has taken on enormous institutions—like the US military—and had some seriously difficult conversations. Her latest film, The Hunting Ground, tells the harrowing story of the culture of rape in American universities and has had an enormous social impact since it was released.

And just a heads-up before you listen, this podcast discusses sexual assault and could be traumatic for some. If you or someone you know needs help, we’ve found online directories for a few countries.

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Episode #5 Tara Moss: Author, advocate wonder woman

Worldwide, less than a quarter of the people we hear from in the media are women. Tara Moss is over it! Hear her tips for creating a world where gender doesn’t limit any of us. In this podcast: how to deal with trolls, the art of self care and Feminist Gaslighting Bingo!

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Episode #4 Hugh Mackay: Social researcher, kindness advocate

Hugh Mackay has been examining how we live for six decades. So he’s got some pretty great insights into what makes a good life.

This episode is presented with The School of Life.

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Episode #3 Susan Carland: Activist, Muslim, mother

In a globalised world, how does the circle of love widen, rather than close in? Listen in to our chat with Melbourne-based sociologist Susan Carland about her experiences advocating for a more openhearted Australia.

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Episode #2 Brendan Murray: Educator, rebel, legend

Brendan Murray is the principal at Victoria’s Parkville College, a school that’s inside a prison. He believes in the power of education to change people’s lives and treats every student with unconditional positive regard.

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Episode #1 Arne Rubinstein: Doctor, counsellor, mentor

How do we help raise our boys and girls to be responsible, motivated and resilient men and women? Dr Arne Rubinstein shares practical advice for helping teenagers develop healthy adult behaviour.

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