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We're hiring | Dumbo Feather Digital Editor
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We're hiring | Dumbo Feather Digital Editor
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We're hiring | Dumbo Feather Digital Editor
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19 March 2019

We're hiring | Dumbo Feather Digital Editor

Behind extraordinary ideas, there are extraordinary people. Dumbo Feather is a magazine about these people.

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Dumbo Feather is looking for a digital superstar—someone who can nourish and build our online community through thoughtful and creative communications, content and marketing strategies. Our digital editor will manage Dumbo Feather’s website, social media channels and EDM, and support the team across all other aspects of the business. Our dream candidate has at least three years’ experience in digital marketing, editing or communications, lots of enthusiasm and passion, and a flair for the written word.

Location: St Kilda, Melbourne

Employment basis: Full time, Monday to Friday

Goals of the digital editor:

• Grow audience size and engagement across all digital channels
• Grow the Dumbo Feather brand
• Work with the editor to create content that nourishes and inspires readers
• Work with the commercial manager to support partnerships and grow subscriptions

Key responsibilities: 

Website management

• Maintains and develops a vibrant, engaging website that markets the Dumbo Feather brand, is regularly updated with content, and attracts new and returning visitors daily
• Manages relationships with website developers
• Uploads and publishes website content, including podcasts
• Manages the digital mailbox

Digital content

• Works with the editor to write, commission and edit articles and conversations for the website
• Works with the editor to create a digital rollout of content that extends the theme of each issue and promotes the magazine
• Creates and publishes the fortnightly Dumbo Feather EDM
• Uses social media to spread love and support people, businesses, content and campaigns that are doing good in the world
• Works with the editor to develop ideas for the Dumbo Feather podcast

Digital marketing

• Develops strategy and delivers the marketing output for issue launches and non-subscription-related campaigns
• Works with the commercial manager to develop strategy and deliver the marketing output for subscription-related campaigns
• Manages ticket sales and marketing for Dumbo Feather events
• Supports partnership campaigns in brainstorming and execution
• Monitors and reports on analytics to ensure content is performing—both in terms of impact and as a sales funnel
• Uses social media marketing to grow brand awareness and build subscriptions
• Report on marketing campaigns

Selection criteria

• Experience in content creation and editing
• Experience in website and social media management
• Experience in digital marketing/communications
• Super strong writing and editing skills
• Collaborative, can-do, all-in work approach
• Passion for storytelling and purpose-driven work

To apply:

Write the Dumbo Feather team a letter explaining who you are and what makes you a digital superstar. We’re looking for no more than a page—tell us what you’re passionate about, how your skills and experience align with this job, and what you’re like to work with. We want to get to know you!

Send this letter along with a copy of your resume to nathan@dumbofeather.com.

Applications close April 8, 2019

Feature image by James Rewell

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