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festival21: Can We Eat Our Way Out?


Meat Market, 3 Blackwood St, Melbourne VIC, 3051


5:00pm - 6:30pm, 2nd of February 2019

Photo by Joanna Nix  on Unsplash

Dumbo Feather editor, Nathan Scolaro, will be hosting a very special event for festival21—Can We Eat Our Way Out? With an estimated increase in plastic pollution that will see more rubbish than fish in the sea by 2050, there has never been a more important time to reduce food packaging. Add to that the fact that one in three mouthfuls of edible food is wasted – clearly we need some seriously creative zero-waste solutions, and we need them now.

This session sets out to prove that the solutions to waste and rising sea levels are not just on our doorsteps, they’re on our plates.


Erin Rhoads (The Rogue Ginger)

Tim Silverwood (Take 3 For The Sea)

David Ritter (Greenpeace)

Miranda Sharp (Melbourne Farmers’ Markets)

Steve Morriss (Circular Food)

Abigail Forsyth (KeepCup)

Can We Eat Our Way Out? Is being run as a part of festival21, a massive, grass-roots celebration of food, culture, and future. The festival is using knowledge, leadership, art and narrative to demonstrate the powerful potential of food. The all-day Main Program will be supported by workshops, masterclasses, performances and delicious food from local social enterprises.

There are plenty of tickets still available, head to the festival21 website for tickets and more information on sessions.


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