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Robyn Davidson on Adaptability


Clemenger Auditorium National Gallery of Victoria (Entry via North Court) 180 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC 3000


7:00pm - 6th of September 2017 — 8:30pm - 8th of September 2017

In most areas of modern life, we are increasingly required to be agile and to adapt to change. Our workplaces, relationships, environment and technology are moving faster and faster, requiring us to continually adapt. This September, join us for an intimate conversation with writer, adventurer, and issue 30 profilee Robyn Davidson, as we explore how to embrace change, motion and uncertainty in our lives.

Robyn Davidson is still known as ‘the camel lady’– a reference to her journey as an ambitious and confident young woman who crossed the Australian desert with four camels and a dog in 1977. The story is compelling: it speaks to our inner desires for freedom, self-sufficiency and adventure. Today, Robyn feels like a different person, with less of the confidence of her youth and a far more urban existence. Yet there is one quality that has remained constant in her life: her ability to adapt to change.

In conversation with our Editor-in-Chief, Berry Liberman, we ask Robyn how important it has been to embrace uncertainty and adapt to change throughout her life. How can we be more comfortable with the unknown? Should we get better at listening to our instincts? Is it important or even possible to create a narrative in our lives? Should our sense of self always be in flux?

Photograph by Leah Robertson.

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