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Storytelling for Change




6:00pm - 14th of April 2021 — 8:00pm - 12th of May 2021

In this five-week Deep Dive, we will explore the role of storytelling for shaping our individual identities and our cultures.

Over five weeks, course material will highlight the intersection between the stories we tell and the way we live, work and interact with one another. With some very special guests, we will develop tools to help tell good stories in our personal lives, and reconsider how we’re publishing on media platforms to affect culture change.

The guest speakers joining this journey are leading creative mavericks who have pioneered their storytelling craft across music, film, poetry and literature: Padraig O’Tuama, Maya Newell, Lydia Fairhall, Danielle Caruana (Mamma Kin) and Sarah Darmody.

Supported by these extraordinary guests we will explore:

  • The role of storytelling in shaping our individual identities
  • Story as a healing force and the role of listening
  • Learning from the past, taking ownership of the present and imagining the future
  • Becoming discerning about the stories told in our media and how they affect us
  • The interplay of story and cultural shifts through history
  • Courage, vulnerability and whole-hearted storytelling
  • How to harness the stories we’re telling collectively to shape our future

How has story been used in the past to shape the collective and how can we use stories going forward to affect change? What is our vision for the world and what are the stories that will help us get there? What is the role of storytelling in our lives to help us make sense of our past, feel agency in our present and become the fullest expression of ourselves moving forward?

Join us for this immersive exploration to identify the power of our own stories and realise the opportunity to shape the narrative we’re creating for our future.



Storytelling for Change is a five-part online course delivered via Zoom. There will be a 3 hour session held every week for five weeks. There will also be a pre-reading pack sent to participants ahead of the course and follow up resources to continue in your journey when the course concludes.

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