21 August 2019
Episode #37

Damon Gameau: Actor, documentary-maker, future dreamer

Damon explores a more hopeful narrative for the climate crisis
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Nathan talks to actor-turned-award winning documentary maker Damon Gameau at the Byron Writers Festival. Actor-turned-award winning documentary maker, Damon is the man behind the 2014 expose That Sugar Film, and more recently has released 2040.

2040 is an extraordinary piece of storytelling that shows us what the future might look like if humanity embraced the environmental solutions that are currently available to us. Damon unpacks the incredible impacts his documentary is already having on individuals, organisations and even our systems at large, the necessity of a hopeful climate crisis narrative and the power and passion of our young people.

#37 Damon Gameau: Actor, documentary-maker, future dreamer
#37 Damon Gameau: Actor, documentary-maker, future dreamer
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This edited conversation was produced by Lizzie Marton and the music you hear is by Dennis Liu.

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