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Bundle for Climate Action

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This is the ultimate Dumbo Feather environmentalist catalogue – with all the conversations, essays and practical guides you need to propel your climate activism.

Issue 64

Our “Conciousness Rising” issue looks at the learnings from 2020: a year of bushfires, pandemic and Black Lives Matter, with a particular to how we can create a more sustainable future.

Issue 61

This issue is themed “Our Evolutionary Moment” and is a response to the paper “Deep Adaptation” by Jem Bendell, which argues that humanity needs to prepare for the possibility of societal collapse, as environmental change increasingly disrupts social, economic and political systems. We take a deep, expansive lens on this premise, and hear from Dharma teacher Catherine Ingram, Tim Flannery and more.

Issue 52

In this issue, focused on tackling climate change, Amelia Telford emerges as a powerful force committed to building a more just and sustainable future for young people. Her organisation, Seed, is Australia’s first Indigenous youth-led climate network and has mobilised more than 120,000 young people in support for climate justice. Environmental pioneers Tim Smit, Katerina Gaita, Paul Hawken and Tim Silverwood also feature.

Issue 66

This issue is all about Truth and how we discern what is true in an increasingly complex digital landscape. We hear from Academy-award wining documentary maker Josh Fox about his work, Gas Land as well as much loved Australian journalist David Lesser.


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