Fight Today For A Better Tomorrow (Four mags!)

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We believe that exploring and understanding our inner self is the first, essential step in showing up in the world and being of service. This bundle is an invitation to turn inward, sharing the stories of inspirational individuals who are reclaiming innate wisdom, seeking spiritual growth and charting their own path.

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Issue 51 The Ones Who Do Things Differently

Meet five people who march to the beat of their own drum! In this issue we celebrate more of the originals who tear at the seams of our beliefs, challenging what is to create what will be: inventor of Flow Hive, Cedar Anderson; World Leader, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Wait But Why Blogger, Restauranter, Hana Assafiri and Author, Tim Winton. We need them now more than ever.

Issue 53 The Future of Power 

Inside this issue we speak to influential people who draw upon their innate power for the greater good like Oz Harvest Cofounder, Ronni Kahn founder of Oz Harvest, Taiwan’s digital minister Audrey Tang, English naturalist Charles Foster, and human rights leader Winnie Byanyima.

Issue 56 Embracing the Wild 

When we connect with the wild, we remember we are the wild. So what are we doing trying to tame ourselves all the time? Who are we doing it for? And who will we become if we lose the wildness that makes each of us unique and our societies diverse?

We hear from School Principal, John Marsden; Environmental Activist, Bob Brown; Adventurer, Rick Ridgeway; Marine Biologist, Sylvia Earle; Artist, Patricia Piccinini, and Filmmaker Victor Steffensen.

Issue 49 Healing in Community

Kindness is contagious. In actively being kind to ourselves, our loved ones, our colleagues—even complete strangers, we begin connecting the dots, starting new conversations and finding deeper, human connections. This issue features Writer and Activist, Eden Riley, Filmmaker, Damon Gameau, Poet and Educator, Sarah Kay, Academic, Kabu Okai-Davies, and Writer and Activist, George Monbiot.

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