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The Activist Bundle

AUD $60.00
Postage included

Activism in all forms shines through each of the four issues featured in this bundle. We sit down with some pretty inspiring folks who are all committed to making our world a better place.

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Issue 53

In our special “The Future of Power” themed issue we sit down with OzHarvet founder Ronni Kahn who preaches a work ethic based on generosity, as well as Taiwan’s digital minister Audrey Tang, who is leading the way in a radical open-book approach to politics. We also chat with Joel Solomon, Winnie Byanyima and Charles Foster.

Issue 52

In this issue, focused on tackling climate change, Amelia Telford emerges as a powerful force committed to building a more just and sustainable future for young people. Her organisation, Seed, is Australia’s first Indigenous youth-led climate network and has mobilised more than 120,000 young people in support for climate justice. Environmental pioneers Tim Smit, Katerina Gaita, Paul Hawken and Tim Silverwood also feature.

Issue 44

During heightened tension on the political stage, an online revolution was born called “Israel Loves Iran,” where Ronny Edry, a father, a husband, a teacher of design at college, put a photograph on Facebook that created an online community of people around the world aiming to make peace viral. Also featured is Amy Ziering, who tackled the epidemic rape culture across American universities and the US military, in a series of affecting, award-winning documentaries. We also sit down with Parker Palmer, Claudia Bowman and Audette Exel.

Issue 38

In this extraordinary issue, founder of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Kon Karapanagiotidis and refugee advocate, barrister Julian Burnside AO QC each speak about championing the compassionate, logical and fair treatment of people seeking asylum in Australia. We also spotlight beautiful conversations with Fern White, Eva Slonim and Mariam Issa.

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