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The Healer Bundle

AUD $60.00
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This bundle pays tribute to those who dedicate their lives to caring for others. It offers a holistic exploration of healing in its many forms: from the conventional to the alternative. It offers words of wisdom for ailments of the heart, the mind and the soul.

Issue 50

Sharon Salzburg wraps you up in loving-kindness and equanimity. Her discovery of meditation led to an enduring sense of peace and wellbeing and she’s been spreading that goodness around ever since.

Issue 57

The Healing Ourselves Issue is a cover to cover celebration of extraordinary stories of healing. Catherine Crock imagines a healthcare system soaked in kindness, Guilia Enders gets to the guts of our health and Osher Günsberg reflects on how authentically sharing his experience of mental health can help others.

Issue 59

In asking for courage from the boys that experience The Man Cave, Hunter Johnson sets out to heal a toxic masculinity that is pervasive in our society. His quest is to provide a safe space for boys to embrace their masculine and feminine and in doing so lead happier, healthier lives.

Issue 60

This issue is a homage to belonging and its power to heal ourselves, communities and society at large. Lydia Fairhall, John Paul Lederach and Xavier Rudd reflect on their beliefs that love and belonging has the capacity to cure long standing wounds.

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