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The Nature Lover Bundle

AUD $60.00
Postage included

This bundle is for those who find delight in the simple pleasures of Mother Nature. It invites you to explore the magic of our oceans, forests and wilderness and the enchantment of the flora and fauna that call them home.

Issue 51

Bees were in Cedar Anderson’s blood from a young age, one too many childhood stings whilst harvesting honey led this accidental entrepreneur to revolutionise the beehive and create Flow Hive, honey on tap. To this day he takes his greatest lessons from the bees themselves.

Issue 52

Our Climate Change Issue is laden is rooted in nature. Whether it’s the reverence for the ocean that mobilised Tim Silverwood to co-found Take 3 for the Sea or Tim Smit’s drive to convert industrial sites into rainforest, befitting the name Eden. 

Issue 56

This a rallying cry to embrace the wild. Experience the stillness of forest bathing and the restorative gifts of regenerative agriculture. Learn about Bob Brown’s unrelenting quest to save Tasmania’s stunning Tarkine wilderness and Rick Ridgeway’s lifelong immersion in exploring our wildlife.

Issue 58

Get your hands dirty as we celebrate healthy soil, respectful food production and regenerative agriculture in our Healing the Land Issue. Charles Massy implores us not to dominate our planet but to nurture and love it and be guided by nature itself.

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