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The Publisher Bundle

AUD $60.00
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A curated Bundle from our publisher Berry Liberman. 

I have been changed by being part of Dumbo Feather from the first 27 issues as a reader and the 34 that have followed as publisher. It has become my talisman against cynicism and my mouth piece for change. I can look back on each issue and find goodness, hope, fortitude, thoughtfulness, radical ideas, humility, kindness and soulfulness. My faith in humanity is reaffirmed each time I flick through its pages. When we look for the stories that will light the way for the rest of us, they are all around us and Dumbo Feather lets us celebrate them. The world is full of extraordinary people and I feel humbled that so many have shared their stories with us.

It’s certainly not easy to choose your favourites, they’re all my favourites, but when pushed four sprang to mind. I hope you find as much joy, inspiration and wonder in these pages as I have.

Issue 55 

Dumbo Feather is a voice for change and something that I feel passionately needs to change is our tired, old, economy – a system that does not serve us anymore, if it ever did. This was our opportunity to highlight those thinking about a new economy that supports all life. Now is the time to walk towards the next economy with full hearts and grounded hope.

Issue 40

Having Jane Goodall share her wisdom on our pages is somewhat of a life highlight. This is a woman who has spent her lifetime understanding, campaigning and protecting what is dear to her. She carries herself with a quiet gracefulness that belies the strength within. The world needs more Jane’s right now.

Issue 37 

Sometimes a cover image is enough to fall in love with and hold dear. That’s certainly the case with Issue 37. It’s warm and joyous and feels alive. It’s also graced by two of my favourite things; flowers and Clare Bowditch.

Issue 50 

We always try to make our anniversary issues that little bit extra special. I felt truly honoured to have Archie Roach on the cover, his face radiating gentleness, strength, connectedness, compassion and soul. His songs have the capacity to heal old wounds and point us towards a more empathetic, loving way of living together. He’s a man of great humility and soul.

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