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26 November 2015

Sending love to Paris and the world

Jay Coen Gilbert
I am not naive enough to believe that all forms of strength will be required to win what is ultimately a battle of ideas, but I am confident that this is a battle of ideas, and that the best ideas are those that are put into practice.
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12 November 2015

Connecting through empathy

Roman Krznaric
Curiosity about the lives of strangers, I learned, can open us into empathy and self-understanding.
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5 November 2015

Introducing issue 45

Berry Liberman, Dumbo Feather editor
That’s what this issue is all about: people who are leaning into the depth.
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21 October 2015

Emotion sickness letters

Neda Rahmani
When I first wrote an anonymous letter I was up at night having trouble sleeping. I decided I needed to write to someone, anyone, as if I knew them—so that whoever received it knew they were loved.
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Waste copy
What I have been able to do over the past six years since starting Sustainable Table is find a happy compromise between living off-grid and living in an inner-city abode with a tiny backyard.
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We love our community and we want to know what you think.
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16 October 2015

Being mindful of mindfulness

Liz Evans
Meditation practice can reduce stress, improve mental and physical wellbeing, boost our self esteem and enhance our relationships with others. So what does it mean when mindfulness doesn’t work for us?
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14 October 2015

Leading with anxiety

Tony Lee
When you are given control of the light, you have so much more control of the dark.
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6 October 2015

Bouncing back from failure

Pip Lincolne
While such failures can hurt head, heart and hip pocket, they’re also a sure sign that we’re trying to innovate, grow and move forward.
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5 October 2015

What is the value of dreams?

Liz Evans
We also need to ditch the generic interpretations of dream dictionaries and bear in mind the conscious context of our lives, as well as other dreams we have experienced, if we are to find meaning in them.
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