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5 August 2016

Historical profile: Eddie Koiki Mabo

Oscar Schwartz
In 1936 a young boy called Koiki was born of the Piadram clan in the south of the island of Mer. Much had changed since the time of the ancestors.
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What if we could harness the power of our existing relationships and the desire to create new ones to achieve more meaningful and impactful change?
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5 August 2016

Making friends in adulthood

Maxim Boon
It is impossible to predict what parts of our complex individuality will spark a friendship, but in my experience at least, it’s often rooted in the most unexpected nooks of our personalities.
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4 August 2016

Issue 48 is filled with courage and authenticity

Berry Liberman, editor and publisher
Looking directly at fear and trauma takes courage and experience. It also requires compassion. Our better natures are often carved out of adversity.
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steven van loy unsplash
21 June 2016

On being a dad

Leo Babauta
Being a dad is about uncertainty, but it’s also about love. You are scared witless, and yet you make it through all of this because you love them endlessly, you are undone by your love for them.
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music with my mum2
13 June 2016

Music With My Mum

DF Podcast
If you could sit your parents down, what would you ask them? In this mini-series, Berry is determined to sit her music-loving mum down with her favourite records to get to the heart of things.
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8 June 2016

The journey of giving back

Jeremy Meltzer
We’re helping unleash the potential of thousands of women and girls, who’ve been held back for thousands of years. And we’ve only just begun.
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26 May 2016

Trading home for safety

African foreigners in South Africa are always there in a state of transit. I’m not here for good. You don’t stay here for good. You don’t make old bones here
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It’s in liminal space that we start to undergo a transformation, that our psyches are open and malleable and the edges we’ve created for ourselves soften.
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19 May 2016

How to travel with authenticity

Amandine Thomas
To travel meaningfully, I believe that we need to start a conversation with the land we are passing through.
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