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28 April 2016

Finding solidarity in parenthood

Jess de Campo
Breastfeeding seems like only one of many things to feel ashamed of as a new parent. It often feels like you can’t win regardless of your parenting decisions.
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20 April 2016

The untranslatables

Alice Whitmore
Most importantly, stories change. Like the symbols of the word itself, our stories move and adapt; they mutate. Eventually, like all living things, they die.
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photo by Zackary Staines
Talking about mental health with teenagers is about setting aside your own beliefs, recognising that they are navigating their own maze, and giving them a compass.
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7 April 2016

How to live waste free

Cassie Duncan
According to the EPA, food is the biggest contributor to our ecological-footprint, occupying approximately 30 percent of it, so there’s never been a better place to start.
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7 April 2016

David Suzuki and me

Marita Davies
We need to raise children that are passionate about our planet and genuinely interested in how we can make this world a better place.
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Mohamed was only 15 years old when his family was captured by rebels amidst an ugly civil war in Sierra Leone.
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17 March 2016

Life, legacy and living well

Briar Hale
Health and vitality, as well as joy in his labours, make his old age a beautiful balance of keeping busy and slowing down.
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3 March 2016

David Suzuki on barriers to change

David Suzuki
We, uniquely among all animals, have the potential to act on our foresight. We know we can affect the future by what we do today.
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25 February 2016

How the dying can teach us to live

Celeyce Matthews
The man letting go of life right before my eyes is teaching me how to live.
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24 February 2016

My Australian summer

Berry Liberman
I’m choked up with the extraordinary privilege of his childhood: free, in nature, learning, allowed to express his eight-year-oldness without politics, pressure or prejudice.
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