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Help by ivanatman
16 November 2016

Human goodness and the feelgood factor

Matty Paroz
Perhaps kindness adheres to the law of diminishing returns: the more we get it, the less it’s appreciated...
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Peace in Silverlake
8 November 2016

Healing in community

David Crabb
A few months ago I woke up to my husband Jack whispering, “Davey. Something happened in Florida. A lot of people were killed at a gay club.”
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World Expeditions competition
We love our community and we want to know what you think.
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Green roof house by denisbin
27 October 2016

A practical guide to greening your home

Kendall Benton-Collins
Whether you own a grand old house or live month to month in a rental—there's a lot you can do to greenify home.
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Girl looking up
26 October 2016

Taking the time to look up

Fiona Grinwald
How grief made one woman assess how she was living her life—and accidentally start a small movement.
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25 October 2016

Issue 49 asks: How do we keep the faith?

Berry Liberman, editor and publisher
Sometimes it takes us facing the edge of our own darkness to force us to light a bonfire of hope.
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La Valse image by Amandine Thomas
22 September 2016

How I learned to love my break-up

Tegan Sullivan
Instead of getting hung up on what I think my life should look like, I’m choosing to live–and love–openly and fully, one day at a time.
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Mindfulness has never been harder. No fear. The Third Space is here to help.
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image of garden and cup of tea
6 September 2016

On grief and love

Pierz Newton-John
Those who dare to enter fully into their grief can find a way not merely through their pain, but also to a changed relationship with themselves and the world.
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Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.27.25 pm
18 August 2016

The power of kindness

Pierz Newton-John
The highest form of kindness is that which has survived the bruising encounter with the world’s cruelty, yet continues to love anyway.
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