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Lush Garden by Amandine Thomas
3 June 2015

Can accounting save the planet?

Jane Gleeson-White
I think the question of how we put a value on nature will be the most important question of our century.
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new convo
Our annual storytelling competition is on now...
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John Dewey
21 May 2015

Why I love John Dewey

Audrey Statham
Dewey was a big believer in the power of a good conversation.
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John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor
Five great couples whose loves stories changed the world.
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Into the Wilderness by Amandine Thomas
12 May 2015

The wilderness makes me whole again

Parker Palmer
The taste of wild berries, the scent of sunbaked pine, the sound of water lapping the shore. These bring me back to myself.
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Introduction-43 (2)
In the latest Dumbo Feather we talk with the people we turn to when we doubt our capacity to do good in the world.
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5 May 2015

When did our biggest conversations become conversation killers?

Alessandro R Demaio, Harvard University
Why we need to start chatting about things noone seems to want to chat about.
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In recent years I’ve come to reflect a little deeper on this notion of “enough”.
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31 March 2015

The night I learned to fear the ocean

Marita Davies
Anywhere else in the world, it is a luxury to live by the sea. In Kiribati, it means that you are the first to be without a home.
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Slow down, you move too fast entrepreneurial types.
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