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Urlaub in der Provence 18. - 21. Maerz 2008
Daring is not saying, “I’m willing to risk failure.” Daring is saying, “I know I will eventually fail and I’m still all in.”
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28 January 2016

Understanding our digital persona

Liz Evans
How exactly do we mediate and experience ourselves through the internet?
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19 January 2016

What I learned from a stranger

Michael Dockery
I knew the poems weren’t meant for me, but I read them, and started to understand how Colin saw himself, in his own words.
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6 January 2016

Learning to listen

Genevieve Lacey
I have sat in prisons and at funerals, with groups of people immobile with despair and loss, and music has given us solace.
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Portrait of author Maya Angelou, London, 4th June 1999 (Photo by Martin Godwin/Getty Images)
17 December 2015

Historical profile: Maya Angelou

Oscar Schwartz
Maya started writing to remind herself of the things she had to be grateful for. She began by writing lists: “I can hear. I can speak. I can dance. I can sing. I can write.”
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16 December 2015

Learn to see your world

Nathan Scolaro
We’re on the phone or we’re thinking about what emails we have to reply to, how many loads of washing there are to do. All the while the world goes on with its splendid show.
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17862349409_ed5af20fed_b (1)
16 December 2015

The sea in you

David Whyte
A poem by David Whyte from The Sea In You, an anthology about unrequited and requited love.
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10 December 2015

An open letter to our daughters

Joyce McFadden
What we hope for you is that knowing yourself and having had our support in assimilating your sexuality into the whole of who you are will help you listen to, trust, and follow your instincts.
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9 December 2015

How to enjoy your family

Berry Liberman
If you can find ways to enjoy your family you can reclaim the best of yourself because you are reminded of what’s good about your tribe.
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