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I am attracted to an item not necessarily for its aesthetics but for its emotional presence. When an object becomes mine, my story becomes part of that emotion.
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17 September 2015

An ode to schmaltz

All Babushka asked of me back then was, in food, as in life, to give schmaltz a chance.
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Baby Barn Swallows (Hirundo rustica) with Shadow of Mother. by Jim, the Photographer, Flickr.
We live during a time where we can really shape our role as mothers. What’s missing, I think, are real conversations about how to do it.
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3 September 2015

The day I became a woman (kind of)

Nadisha Seneviratne
When I was 11, during one of my Aachi’s visits, I got my period for the first time.
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Miles Davis quote on mistakes. Image by Peter Lindberg, Flickr.
27 August 2015

The value of making mistakes

Liz Evans
If we take more risks, we will make more mistakes. And we will learn and grow.
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Support crew—image from meetmeatmikes.com
How do you build your very own gang of cheerleaders?
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Small talk—Dumbo Feather launch. Photo by Amandine Thomas.
19 August 2015

The value of small talk

Liz Evans
While great conversations are important, sometimes all we need to do is talk about the weather.
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Richenda Vermeulen, founder of ntegrity
13 August 2015

Why I run my business with love (and that's ok)

Richenda Vermeulen, founder of ntegrity
And here's what that looks like...
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Introducing Dumbo Feather issue 44. Image by Rammey Ramsey.
6 August 2015

Who's inside issue 44: people having the tough conversations

Berry Liberman, Dumbo Feather editor
Everyone in this issue uses their voices and hearts to improve communities.
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Growing Hearts by Karen Roe, Flickr
It's possible to load the dice in your favour.
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