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11 April 2014

Can you guess who's in Issue 39?

Dumbo Feather
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Curious to see how individuals connect with different places around the world, Jenny Humberstone launched photographic project, Hold Me Dear.
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7 April 2014

Dumbo Loves Stella: The Night Guest

Fiona McFarlane
Ruth said nothing. She wasn't telling him there was a tiger in her house; she was telling him she could hear one.
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7 April 2014

52 Suburbs Around the World

Kathleen O'Neill
After the major success of the blog and the subsequent book and exhibition, Louise decided to do it again, only this time expanding her scope. That’s right, 52 Suburbs Around the World.
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1 April 2014

The ruined piano sanctuary

Patrick Pittman
This is the place where old pianos come to die.
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31 March 2014

Dumbo Loves Stella: Night Games

Anna Krien
The problem is not the game per se, but the macho culture of humiliation that tends to shadow and control it.
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26 March 2014

Oxfam competition: Design for Change

Mim Kempson
Calling all creative people. Oxfam has launched a competition to raise public awareness on climate change.
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3 days down, 4 to go: the Dumbo Feather team are having fun with Meat Free Week.
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Amanda's story is about the thread that connects shoppers here with garment workers somewhere else.
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25 March 2014

Dumbo loves Stella: Burial Rites

Hannah Kent
"There was a moment during that night when I looked back. I looked back to watch the fire, and if I lick my skin I can still taste the salt. The smoke."
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