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19 May 2016

How to travel with authenticity

Amandine Thomas
To travel meaningfully, I believe that we need to start a conversation with the land we are passing through.
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The Dumbo Feather Podcast has arrived! Wherever you are, listen in to conversations with inspiring guests, recorded live before an intimate audience. Proudly supported by Bank Australia.
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Each person in this issue has challenged the accepted narrative and emerged with new paradigms for our world—from governing nations to understanding the brain.
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To say that humans are tribal creatures is to say the single most culturally significant thing about us.
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28 April 2016

Music as everyday therapy

Stephan Skov
A simple way to use music as therapy is to become aware of the music in your life, to develop a consciousness of how it affects you.
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28 April 2016

How to be an ethical egg eater

Cassie Duncan
You may have heard the recent news about free-range egg certification becoming rather ‘loose’. If not, we’ll get you up to speed.
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28 April 2016

Finding solidarity in parenthood

Jess de Campo
Breastfeeding seems like only one of many things to feel ashamed of as a new parent. It often feels like you can’t win regardless of your parenting decisions.
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20 April 2016

The untranslatables

Alice Whitmore
Most importantly, stories change. Like the symbols of the word itself, our stories move and adapt; they mutate. Eventually, like all living things, they die.
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photo by Zackary Staines
Talking about mental health with teenagers is about setting aside your own beliefs, recognising that they are navigating their own maze, and giving them a compass.
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7 April 2016

How to live waste free

Cassie Duncan
According to the EPA, food is the biggest contributor to our ecological-footprint, occupying approximately 30 percent of it, so there’s never been a better place to start.
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