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A magazine to help you fly.

In 2003, Kate Bezar was stuck in a corporate job that she hated. She went to her newsagent in search of some inspiration but walked away empty-handed. So she created the magazine she wanted to read—a magazine to inspire. “I basically dreamed up my dream job,” she says. “And it was extraordinary.”

From the very first issue, Dumbo Feather magazine has provided a platform for people to tell their stories. The people in our pages are not necessarily famous. They are changemakers, leaders, artists, writers, lawyers, activists, philosophers, teachers, builders, and scientists. They use their craft to make the world a better place and, by telling their story, they are motivating others to do the same.

Our interviews are much longer than those you’d find in conventional magazines. We leave in the laughs, the pauses and the uncomfortable bits, because they help to tell the whole story. Our readers don’t need to know about beekeeping or neuroscience or the justice system to connect with these people. When we tell stories we bring out the heart and soul.

Dumbo Feather has grown and evolved over the years. In 2011, Kate followed her heart back to her native New Zealand, where she is raising her family and her chooks. She handed the reins to Berry Liberman, a friend and long-time fan of the magazine. You can find out more about this part of the Dumbo Feather journey here:

Today, a small team produces the magazine, in between cups of tea and discussions about politics, food and Beyoncé.

We have our own podcast series, we host popular events, and we send Dumbo Feather into the world three times a year. Our community continues to grow, and we love hearing from you (write to us at hello@dumbofeather.com).

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