What is Dumbo Feather?

Taking the time to read Dumbo Feather is receiving the gift of time, nourishment and self-care.

The experience of holding and opening the magazine, lovingly printed on Grange paper and produced locally with sustainable principles, is an integral part of who we are and why we produce this beautiful artefact.

Dumbo Feather is a multi-platform publishing house including print, podcast and digital content. In three print issues annually, and reflected in podcasts and our online identity, we scour the world to engage in rich conversations with extraordinary people. In our ecosystem, our contributors and interview subjects share their lives, their work, and their vision for the world.

Since 2011, the magazine has lived at Small Giants Media, and under nurturing leadership from publisher Berry Liberman, the magazine has grown into what it is today, embracing podcast and digital platforms to engage our community more deeply in the conversations that matter.

Storytelling opens hearts and minds. Through sharing our stories, we enrich our lives and those around us. This will always be current, vital and potent.

Pass it on.

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