What is Dumbo Feather?

Storytelling opens hearts and minds.

Dumbo Feather shared the stories of extraordinary people to enrich our lives and those around us for twenty years. It is now an active community of engaged citizens co-creating a hopeful future at Small Giants Academy.

In 2003, Kate Bezar went to her newsagent in search of some inspiration and walked away empty-handed. This moment inspired her to create the magazine she wanted to read: “I basically dreamed up my dream job and it was extraordinary”.

From the very first issue, Dumbo Feather has provided a platform for people to tell their stories. The people featured in our pages were not necessarily famous, they were changemakers, leaders, artists, writers, lawyers, activists, philosophers, teachers, builders, and scientists, who use their craft to build towards their vision for the world.

Over the years, Dumbo Feather has grown and evolved. In 2011, Kate followed her heart back to her native New Zealand, where she is raising her family, her chooks and making an leading the shift towards eco-friendly, sustainable packaging as the Director of The Better Packaging Co.

Kate handed the reins to Berry Liberman, a friend and long-time fan of the magazine, and her Family Office, Small Giants. Under nurturing leadership of Berry, the magazine grew to embrace podcast and digital platforms, engaging the community more deeply in the conversations that matter.

In 2023, Dumbo Feather published issue #72 — ‘Leadership for a hopeful future’ the last official magazine under the Dumbo Feather masthead. This marked the moment the magazine evolved from a lovingly printed artefact into a living community of engaged citizens who will continue to create the hopeful future that we all aspire to through the work of Small Giants Academy.

We continue to scour the world to engage in rich conversations with extraordinary people and share stories that matter at Small Giants Academy — follow the evolution to co-create a more hopeful with us.

Dumbo Feather Publisher, Berry Liberman and Creator, Kate Bezar in conversation 


As we marked the end of Dumbo Feather, we received an outpouring of love and support from our incredible community of readers, artists, contributors, collaborators and partners.⁠

Learning how Dumbo Feather has touched and changed their lives fills us with joy, and reaffirms the power of story to create change — big and small.

These are their stories.

Dumbo Feather started as my go-to holiday read many years ago. It expanded my world and my conception of who I could be in it. Joining the B Corp movement at B Lab Australia and New Zealand and then studying the MBE with Small Giants Academy was like the magazine coming to life. The opportunity to interact with so many of the people featured was nothing less than life-changing — Kate Raworth, Jane Goodall, Dan Ariely and Catherine Ingram — to name but a few. Thank you Berry Liberman, Nathan Scolaro, Mele-Ane Havea, Danny Almagor, Kaj Lofgren, Eleanor Cheetham Gammell, amd many more for the gift of life-changing stories. Forever indebted.

— Anna Crabb, Strategic Projects Lead, Homes Victoria and Mastery of Business & Empathy Fellow, 2021

Thanks for all the work to everyone involved — art matters (— and as you say it’s always felt like a precious talisman. And thanks for the personal advice Berry, to simply ‘do the next right thing’ when I was having a hard time and feeling quite overwhelmed a few years back. Sage advice.

— Philip Bateman, Managing Director, Bravo Charlie

Thank you for all of your editions Dumbo Feather. I have always enjoyed learning more about the thoughts, lives and contributions of those profiled. And although I am sad to see the pages go, I am relieved to hear the podcast still has wings, as that is also a firm favourite. Best wishes for your next steps!

— Jodie Cheetham, Marketing Coordinator, The Dharma Door

A labour of love. From the paper to the content to the attention to detail - I learnt so much from every edition of the fabulous Dumbo Feather magazine. Every article thoughtfully carried us through some aspect of how we can improve our world, our planet, our economy, our lives. Running a magazine is a huge job and if you haven’t heard, the 72nd edition of Dumbo Feather will be its last. But the founders and creators Berry Liberman and Danny Almagor, always so inspired and creative, will be focusing on running MBE’s - Masters of Business and Empathy - equipping leaders with a renewed and interconnected understanding of leadership through Small Giants. Thank you Berry, Danny and team for the years of excellence, support, care and insight. It has been so deeply appreciated and felt.

— Ronni Kahn, CEO & Founder of Oz Harvest

What a publication. What a community. What a mission. What a loss. Print and reading widely still matters. Philanthropy tourism is lovely — but Dumbo Feather shaped and changed the conversation. Vale the Feather. One of a kind. A feather in the cap for the sector. A major loss. Love all the work you do — just loved the accessibility of the format and the generosity of celebrating so many people's contributions that the Feather provided.

— Kate Dezarnaulds Founder, WorkLife

How incredibly sad to see such a beautiful thing come to its end. Thank you deeply for creating such a beacon of light, for asking the questions and listening, and modelling thoughtful language and so much more! Incredibly grateful to you and the team behind this publication and podcast. All the best with this big transition, the letting go, the unknowns… may there be light and love along the way. Thank you.

— Annie Jones, Artist

This is so beautifully written. Dumbo Feather was one of the first magazines I started buying when I was a design student at RMIT. Our lecturers told us how important it was and it truly took me decades to synthesise exactly how important. Thank you for your contribution to our collective knowing. And how exciting to have a podcast to tune into.

— Erin Morris, Co-founder, Young Folks

One door closes and another opens… congratulations on your accomplishments thus far and best of luck on your new projects, moving forward. Onwards and upwards.

— Kylie Colemane

Your magazine changed me! Thank you for all the beautiful communication you put out into the world. Can’t wait to see the evolution.

— G L V E S, Musician

Oh wow, amazing but I am genuinely sad that it won’t be in print anymore. Look forward to seeing how it all evolves... I first read it on a plane when I first came to Australia, when it said “pass it on” and the woman next to me said, here you go. That feels about 15 years ago now but I have many memories of discovering people between DF pages.

— Dale & Pen Goodies Farm

Oh WOW. This is huge. Some of the best and most outstanding conversations of my life have been had in service of Dumbo Feather. There was real magic made and uncovered in every issue. It was a bloody gift to be able to ask deep, proper questions and have the answers printed in full, and I’ll never forget it. I’ve said it before but there was more than a little ‘French Dispatch’ to writing for Dumbo and its singular publisher. I hope you are able to take time to reflect on your contribution to publishing and to storytelling. Vale, Dumbo Feather, and hail to the chief.

— Sarah Darmody, Author and Dumbo Feather Contributor

A big deciding not taken lightly Berry. Thank you for giving life to such a publication for 12 years. Incredible. Now that life will flow to the next important task which you no doubt already have underway...or not... seasons change.

— Jade Miles and Charlie Showers, Black Barn Farm

Eternally grateful. You are a legend. Thank you for taking my vision and imbuing it with more soul, conscience and heart. And for making it your own! Cannot wait to see where your incredible passion takes you next.

—  Kate Bezar Founder, Dumbo Feather

Beautiful Berry, thank you for including me in the Dumbo Feather journey. You are remarkable, and you have given us all a great gift.

—  Tara Moss, Author, Featured in Dumbo Feather

Wow. Epic. Thank you for the Years of companionship & learnings through writing others stories. It will be missed!

—  Caitlin Skye, Nature Connection Guide

Every page a gift. So much love!

— Eleanor Gammell, Co-founder, First Light Foundation

Dumbo will always be in our minds & hearts. Its impact is long lasting. Love to everyone who worked there!

— Greg Lorenzutti, Dancer, Photographer, Gardener and feature in Dumbo Feather issue #69, Treasured Spaces

Not an ending but energy needed for what you know must come next…grateful and inspired by what you have shared and achieved with us all. RESPECT.

— Sheree Commerford

Thank you for sharing all the beautiful conversations and wisdom with us over the years. So grateful to have had Dumbo Feather in my life. Lots of love and well wishes for the next chapter.

— Kei Ikeda Founder, Montessori Dance and Small Giants Academy Fellow

End of an amazing era. A sad day, but a day to be proud of everything achieved. Onwards and upwards.

— Tim Silverwood, Environmentalist and featured in Dumbo Feather issue #52

Congratulations on making this monumental decision Berry. Sometimes the very best thing we can do for someone or something is to leave it while it’s strong. But it’s so bloody hard when you’ve loved and nurtured it from its conception to its current, fully resolved state. My hat goes off to you for all you’ve done at DF! A big, bold cheers to the next chapter ahead!!

— Jen Clark Founder, Hosting with Heart

‘It will be missed..but will live on in waiting rooms and cafes. Where all real cultural influence happens.”

— Damon Gameau, Filmmaker, Founder of The Regenerators, featured in Dumbo Feather issue #49

One of my favourite magazines to read. But well done, what a time it's been. I hope the podcast is here to stay as it's one of the few that interests and inspires me consistently! Congratulations for calling time when you knew it was right but know we are sad at the same time!

— Joanna O’Sullivan

My love is there for you…and a podcast is a great way forward! Collective wisdom, action and change is all exciting… hugs to you

— Vanessa van Houten

What an amazing journey! Thank you for featuring our Fijian adventure in one of the early Dumbo Feather editions. Good luck with the evolution.

— Ben Keene, Author and entrepreneur, featured in Dumbo Feather issue #23

Oh! I only just discovered Dumbo Feather and am deeply saddened about this news. I look forward to keeping in touch in other ways. Thank you for putting all of those incredible stories into the world.

— Kylie Flament CEO, Social Enterprise Council of NSW & ACT

You ought to be so proud Danny and Berry. I’m sure Kate would be so proud too of where you took DF and the legacy it leaves.

—  Melanie Greblo Founder, Scriibed

No business (or people) changed the way I saw business more noticeably than hanging out at the office with you all. At the time I didn't think much of it, but it shaped the way I saw things throughout my career in such a positive way. Big hugs team.

— Brad Dunn, General Partner, Decision Intelligence

Loved reading and gifting Dumbo Feather amazing run and look forward to what is next !

— Carole Schlessinger CEO and Co-Founder, Kids Giving Back

My heart goes out to you and Berry. I adored this publication and loved your journey with it. Sending love.

— Liora Caplan Marketing Coordinator, City of Stonnington

End of a wonderful era — thank you for the beautiful stories. Excited to see the next chapter...

— Jess Perrin, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Communications, Infoxchange

An amazing journey. Can't wait to see what's next!!

— Phil Blythe Founding Director, Climate Tech Assembly

I am so sad. Dumbo Feather has been an incredible cultural artefact for the purpose-driven sector. I know print is hard. But the chance to read generally, rather than specifically- is so key to innovation, inspiration and civics generally. I miss the impact of editors on my information consumption. You are a wizard at it too Kirsty de Garis — you will be an incredible asset to education — but for this moment I mourn what is lost. Dumbo Feather forever RIP. The world needed you and needs you still.

— Kate Dezarnaulds, Founder, WorkLife

Congratulations on all you have achieved with the most beautiful print product. And here’s to the eternally valuable content that we are so inspired by— in all its other forms.

— Fleur Brown, Chief Industry Affairs Officer, Australian Retailers Association

Wow. This is big and sad news. As a lover and subscriber of Dumbo Feather, I will miss the beautiful printed version. "The smell, the touch, the weight of it. Like a precious talisman, it didn’t even matter if you read it all, the very ‘isness’ of it made us feel grounded and hopeful."

— Susan McMahon, CEO at TEDxSydney

Congratulations on such wonderful work! And may you enjoy the harvest of this… And with such perfect alignment at the southern hemisphere, autumn equinox is about harvest and letting go… Happy, new moon, new beginnings!

— Jane Hardwicke Collings, Author, Educator and featured in Dumbo Feather issue #72

We will so miss holding you close. Your fresh-off-the-press scent. Your intoxicating stories. The way you helped us feel connected to it all. To life. Thank you Dumbo Feather.

— Lauren L Hill, Surfer and Writer, featured in Dumbo Feather issue #44

What about the hug that it gives you? And that warm feeling of deep positivity and wonder and inspiration. And real happiness that there are so many good people doing good things (that you really wish you’d thought of first!). Thank you so much for providing 72 issues and for all of the effort and care that went in to each one of them.

— Kate Watson

My grief an equal to the love that crafted every edition. Thank you for enriching my heart and mind. Go well.

— Helen McNeill, Writer and Dumbo Feather Contributor

So sad to hear this. I eagerly await my magazine in the mail each edition and many reflections and life choices have been inspired by connecting with people within its pages. I first heard of Brendan Murray in Dumbo Feather and asked him to give me a job after that! DF was also the first place I published my writing and that was very meaningful to me. Thank you for all the light.

Jess de Campo, Teacher, Writer and Dumbo Feather Contributor

Brilliant publication, and I’m so saddened to see it go, thank you for everything.

— Aleczander Gamboa

A big thank you for all the stories Berry Liberman and Small Giants! I will never forget the first Dumbo Feather issue I discovered, I was in my late teens, and filled with joy to find a publication with the heart, vision and chutzpah to tell the stories of the quiet heroism in the good work of real people. How precious it was to sit with each issue and absorb the hope in each page. We all needed a Dumbo Feather at times. Thank you for everything you poured in.

— Ande Roestenburg

Thank you for everything. What a beautiful lighthouse you've been in the fog.

— Jess Murphy

Thank you with deep gratitude for Dumbo Feather… it has indeed been a light, created meaning and connection in so many small and large ways… I will treasure each one and all that is to come.

— Christy Spier

Thank you team Dumbo Feather for beautiful and meaningful publications that I’ll continue to treasure and share for years to come. Cannot wait to see where this journey continues to take you x

— Karlee Blackburn

Nothing is permanent and regenerating with the depth of experience and wisdom, I look forward to your new incarnation.

— Catriona Macmillan

Oh no! I will be genuinely lost without Dumbo Feather. I have met so many people through your pages that have literally changed the way I think, act and appreciate the world. I would say the greatest influence in my life over Covid and the only magazine I read and subscribe to. I constantly refer to editions and buy copies for all my friends birthdays. You have done an amazing job… thank you , truly with all my heart. For Parker Palmer, for Jess Sculley, Charles Eisenstein, Puerz, David Whyte, AC Grayling, Sali Hughes, Paul Hawken, Tim Silverwood,Daniel S, Helena and the first ever magazine I read with the refugee who turned her front yard into a garden and saved a community inspiring me to start a garden. Because of your people I have written letters, started movements at the school I work at and joined climate organisations. I am genuinely sad to say good bye. My deepest thanks to everyone involved. Humanity still believes in a magical feather that helps us progress, when in fact we have always had the magic deep inside us and hopefully one day soon this consciousness will be realised. Through your DF family, you have helped so many people get to this understanding.

— Tracie Heaton

We so proudly placed DF among our reads in the cabins for your seeds to be sown wildly among our guests. From inspiration from your stories and each having an Antidote , we used the ‘self regeneration in nature’ as the antidote for NDD ( nature deficit disorder) Your dreams and visions have been sown and shared wildly. , beyond any comprehension. Take a bow , share the smile and continue sowing them blessed seeds.

— Vince Hunt, Rosalita’s Rest

A guiding star toward that which is whole is exactly what it has been. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.

— Sarré Guille, Founder, Her Hands

Gosh, I love Dumbo Feather. I always took such joy from diving in and out of a copy. (And am now sorry I didn't buy more editions.) Thanks to all the publishing and editorial team for the sublime artefacts you created. All the best for your next endeavours!

— Tan Allaway, Head Of Content, Circle In

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