You know when you’re pulling into one of those really expensive carparks and someone offers you their all-day ticket? You get that fuzzy, magical, everyone’s a winner, feeling. It’s a reminder that people are really good at heart. How can we use money to put smiles on the faces of strangers and start a chain reaction? How can we pay it forward? Here are a few ways to pass the goodness on for under 10 dollars. We think that’s money well spent.

1. Put coins in a near-empty parking meter. (Imagine how grateful you would be if the same were done for you!)

2. Pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you. (Hopefully you’ll start a trend and everyone will feel like they’re getting a present!)

3. Leave your change in the ticket machine at the train station. (Doesn’t it suck when you’re 10 cents short?)

4. Buy flowers for the next person at the florist. (It can be one rose or a bunch of orchards – it’s the gesture that counts.)

Do you have any other ideas to pass on the goodness (for under 10 dollars)? Let us know in the comments box below!