Dumbo Feather has teamed up with our good mates, The Little Veggie Patch Co., to bring you a series on one minute skills, simple advice to help refine your green thumb.


Plants like zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber and melons can have trouble attracting the right kind of attention.  This means a helping hand may be required to finish what nature leaves unattended. No worries though, the resourceful gardener understands the needs of each plant.

Start by getting to know the anatomy of your plant. Thankfully for first timers, identifying the female and male flowers of a zucchini is relatively straightforward; the male is connected to the plant by a long, thin stem, while the female will have a miniature fruit growing in between the flower and the plant.

The plant is ready when the female flower is open. Start by peeling back petals on the male flower to expose the stamen, this is where the pollen is produced. Once exposed, gently rub it into the corresponding part of the female flower, the stigma. You can’t over pollinate a flower, so do it again and again until you are satisfied.

Watch as Mat demonstrates (warning: video contains flower sex).

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