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Berry Liberman

Berry is Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Dumbo Feather.

Berry Liberman, Dumbo Feather’s publisher and editor-in-chief, drives our passion and purpose. While she’s not immersed in the heady scent of old fashioned flowers, she’s the Creative Director of Small Giants, the Publisher of Dumbo Feather and a mum to the three cutest kids in the world.

Nathan Scolaro

Nathan is the Editor at Dumbo Feather

Nathan enjoys getting elbow-deep in sentences, pressing and pricking them like a Chinese doctor until the blood is flowing just right. He hails from Western Australia, where he first experienced the joy of putting together a magazine, and now indulges his love of thoughtful, life-giving storytelling by helping bring Dumbo Feather to life once a quarter. Email him your pitches: nathan@dumbofeather.com.

James Rewell

James is Dumbo Feather’s Art Director

James has been conceptualising and producing communication material for the arts, government, corporate and education sectors for the better part of the 21st century. Early discoveries of Émigré magazine and Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern meant James fell hard for publication design from a young age, and the infinite creative potential of combining text and image continues to fascinate and inspire him.

Lizzie Marton

Lizzie is Dumbo Feather’s Digital Editor

Lizzie loves all things digital, and gets a buzz out of running our social media channels. She first fell in love with storytelling and journalism when reading Pamela Bone’s columns as a teenager, and hasn’t been able to keep herself from writing ever since. When not absorbed in making Dumbo Feather’s site beautiful, you will most likely find her listening to, talking about and editing podcasts.

Dianne Cotter

Dianne is Dumbo Feather’s Commercial Manager.

Dianne’s media and marketing experience started at Style Counsel during Uni. Since then, Dianne has worked with globally significant brands including Gourmet Traveller, MTV, Nickelodeon and The Difference. Dianne’s passion for creating meaning for brands is evident in her approach to sales and marketing—so give her a buzz to discuss how you can get involved with Dumbo Feather. Email Di on dianne@dumbofeather.com

Xander Sanbrook

Xander is Dumbo Feather’s Community & Operations Manager

Xander has a passion for community and is interested in how sharing stories can transform the way we understand each other and life. At Dumbo Feather, he’s the friendly voice behind the call, and is always here to help. Xander is also a keen photographer and loves exploring and sharing ideas through images and video. Contact him on hello@dumbofeather.com

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