The Dumbo Feather team

We are a small (yet potent!) creative team that works within Small Giants Academy, a media and education initiative promoting leadership for a hopeful future. As such, we have the support of many of the legends in the Small Giants Academy group, who you can get to know here. Those of us working directly on Dumbo Feather include:

Berry Liberman, our Publisher

Berry drives our passion and purpose. She’s the Creative Director of Small Giants Academy, the Publisher and Editor-in-chief of Dumbo Feather and a mum to the three cutest kids in the world.

Kirsty De Garis, our Editor

Kirsty is constantly on the lookout for conversations with extraordinary people and thought leaders who will help to guide us into a thriving future for all. Kirsty spends half her life in the suburbs of Sydney and the other half on a remote farm in the Snowy Mountains. She’s a loving wife and mum, and loves hiking in the high country and ocean swims. She never travels without a good book.

Nathan Scolaro, our Content Creator

Nathan is a lover of language, poetry and story. He hails from Western Australia, where he first experienced the joy of putting together a magazine. Afer eight years as Dumbo Feather’s Editor, he now indulges his love of thoughtful, life-giving storytelling by producing the Dumbo Feather Podcast, contributing to the magazine and hosting Small Giants Academy’s Storytelling workshops.

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