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18 June 2018

The B Corp Directory

Behind extraordinary ideas, there are extraordinary people.

At Dumbo Feather, we look for people doing extraordinary things to make the world better than when they found it. A lot of the time, those people create businesses as a force for good, much like the ones featured below. We’ve created this directory of B Corps to highlight just some of the goods and services out there that are committed to social and environmental return along with making a buck. We encourage you to support them, and discover just how much better it is when you buy B.

B Lab is currently advocating for legislative change to introduce the “Benefit Company”—a framework providing directors with clarity and certainty to confidently pursue social and environmental purpose in business decision making. The hope is that this legal framework will help encourage more businesses to operate in a conscious, connected and responsible way. Head to www.benefitcompany.org to pledge your support.

Kester Black

Established in Melbourne in 2012 by Anna Ross, Kester Black is an innovative beauty brand. Our products have International Cruelty Free, Vegan Society and Carbon Neutral accreditations. We’re the only beauty company in the world with B Corp certification and we donate a dollar from every order to one of our charity partners. We’re changing the face of the beauty industry by creating quality products with a positive social and environmental footprint. Kesterblack.com

Hub Australia

Hub Australia is a premium coworking community for growing businesses. They provide tailored workspaces including offices and flexible desks, curated communities and member services across sites in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Find out more

Dr. Bronner's

Dr. Bronner’s make soap to further their vision as an engine to create positive change. By making the best product, treating employees and suppliers fairly, honouring the earth in decisions and dedicating profits to causes that enrich the world, they try to live up to their founder’s vision of global unity, peace and kindness. Their range of soaps and body care including their signature Liquid Castile Soap is made from certified Fair Trade and certified organic oils from across the globe. Find out more

Alter Eco

Alter Eco is a chocolate-centric, sustainability-directed B Corp that takes healthy indulgence to a whole new level. Made for conscious foodies seeking special food experiences, Alter Eco offers a full portfolio of decadent chocolate bars and blissfully delicious truffles. Engrained in full-circle sustainability, the brand is obsessed with spreading social justice and environmental regenerativity while setting a high bar for delivering mind-blowingly tasty foods. All Alter Eco products are Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Carbon Neutral Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Gluten-Free (excluding Dark Salt & Malt Organic Chocolate). To learn more about Alter Eco products or its commitment to sustainability, please visit alterecofoods.com

Australian Ethical

Australian Ethical has been helping Australians invest in a better future for over 30 years. We believe that the power of money can be harnessed to deliver both competitive returns and positive change for the planet, people and animals. We also donate 10% of our profits to charitable causes through our Foundation because we’re committed to growing the good. Visit australianethical.com.au

Inspired Adventures

Inspired Adventures is the leading adventure fundraising agency in Australia and New Zealand, partnering with Australian and international charities to launch life-changing fundraising adventures worldwide.

Creating a positive social impact has been at the heart of Inspired Adventures’ mission from day one. They have since raised 30 million, coordinated over 400 charity challenges and engaged more than 4,000 community fundraisers. Find out more.

Beyond Bank

Beyond Bank Australia is a values-driven organisation where we always strive to go beyond for our customers and their community. We live our values of customer-first, mutuality, integrity, community and sustainability every day to guide decisions that will create and return value for all stakeholders. We are driven to help our fellow Australians thrive and that’s why we put people before profits. This is what sets us apart and this is why we are the other way to bank. Find out more.

Future Super

Future Super is Australia’s first 100% fossil fuel free super fund. Rated ‘Best For The World’ by B-Corp, Future Super is a passionate group of climate change campaigners, community organisers, superannuation experts and investment professionals committed to creating positive change. Together they’re bringing an innovative, customer-focussed approach to superannuation and planet-positive investment. Find out more


At Huddle Insurance, honesty is the most important policy. They believe insurance can be a force for good, and that’s why they’ve built a new model, where prices are fair, policies are transparent, claims are paid instantly, and profits are shared with customers and communities. Huddle currently offers travel, car and renters insurance products. What’s more, their clever Instant Claims™ technology has eliminated the pain and uncertainty people have come to expect at claims time. Find out more

Kooks Wines

Handcrafted with passion and purpose in Australia and proudly the only certified B-Corp wine company going around, at Kooks the good stuff’s not just in the bottle. Every drop of ‘Labour of Love’ supports big-hearted, uncommonly good folk who are prepared to get their hands dirty and do something good for other people – for love, not money. The ‘Good-Doers’ rather than the ‘Do-Good-ers’. Here’s to them and their Labours of Love. Find out more.

Marque Lawyers

We launched our firm in 2008 as a purpose-driven business. We stated from the outset that we were not focused on money, but rather on happiness. We didn’t know then that our philosophy would align so closely with that of B Corp, but it does; therefore, becoming a B Corp made total and perfect sense. Find out more.

Monochrome Coffee

Monochrome Coffee Co. exists to transform developing communities through the education and empowerment of youth. They are extremely committed to redefining what success looks like in business… And, they happen to sell great coffee. Their coffee is organically shade-grown on the southern slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro in rich volcanic soil. They bring this to Aussie coffee lovers and use the profit to fund their education programs in Tanzania. You can buy their coffee and find out more at monochromecoffe.co

Mossy Willow

As part of the Small Giants family, the team at Mossy Willow Farm are dedicated to regenerative farming and nourishing our community with the organically grown vegetables. The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a program where your vegetables are delivered from the farm gate direct to your door. Your support goes straight to those who love and tend to the farm. Our friendly farmers can also be found at Fitzroy Mills Farmer’s Market every Saturday for a chat. www.mossywillowfarm.com

The School of Life

The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence. In our classrooms, you will be challenged to think deeply about the issues that matter most, and provided with a space to share your thoughts with other open-minded individuals. Locations in Melbourne and Sydney. Explore our new curriculum at theschooloflife.com.

Seated Massage

Social by nature, our purpose is simply to help people feel fantastic, about themselves and be more engaged with the world around them. We passionately provide short, safe and transformative massage to people at work and at events and conferences throughout Australia. Seated Massage is simple, effective and universally loved, designed for organisations who wish to create, build and maintain engaging, captivating and sustainable relationships with those they employ and do business with. The good we do is in our hands. Find out more.

Talent Nation

With a core focus on sustainability incorporating social, environmental and economic outcomes, Talent Nation are different from the pack when it comes to executive search and recruitment. Their areas of expertise cover Environment, Sustainability, Energy, HSE, Social Enterprise and Not for Profits. Connect with them

The TOM Co

The TOM CO is a Melbourne-based company that offers women and families beautiful and sustainable products through its brands TOM Organic & tooshies by TOM. TOM Organic tampons and pads are made with organic cotton so they’re gentle on the most absorbent part of a woman’s body. tooshies by TOM nappies and wipes are created using plant-based materials meaning they’re kind on baby and the planet. Find out more.

Wealth Enhancers

Wealth Enhancers is a community of high-achieving Gen Yers who aren’t settling. They’re chasing down their dreams and making them a reality, whether they’re professionals double-stepping the corporate ladder, sports or entertainment professionals at the top of their game, or entrepreneurs ahead of the curve. They recognise that managing their money is integral to living their desired lives. It’s WE’s job to help them achieve this, ensuring that every decision they make aligns with their purpose in life.

Who Gives A Crap

Hi! We’re Who Gives A Crap. We sell pretty toilet paper (tissues & paper towels too!) and donate 50% of profits to help build toilets in developing countries. On top of all this feel good stuff, all our products are made without trees! Because eww, who still wipes their bums with trees? Find out more.

Stone & Wood

Born and raised in Byron Bay, Stone & Wood are proudly independent, brewing and bottling handcrafted beer in the Northern Rivers of NSW, one of the greatest places on earth. A part of the world where people enjoy having a beer after catching a wave, catching a band at the pub or just catching up with friends… It’s that sort of a place.

Keep Cup

Since 2009 KeepCup has been the solution to a problem – disposable cup waste. From its use of sustainable materials to its focus on local manufacturing and optimised supply chain operations, KeepCup is a passionately sustainable business with clear goal; to mitigate the environmental impact of convenience culture by replacing single-use plastics with well-made, beautifully designed reusables. Find out more

Pablo & Rusty’s

Pablo & Rusty’s is a a team dedicated to sourcing and roasting the best coffee. Their approach to coffee is simple – delicious, consistent and sustainable. We only buy traceable, specialty grade coffee that is sustainably farmed and tastes amazing.
Pablo & Rusty’s even offer an exclusive subscription offer for Dumbo Feather readers which includes delivery so you never run out of coffee again.
Check out the subscription offer at: pabloandrustys.com.au


Bellroy is a brand with purpose. They aim to help folks carry with greater simplicity by streamlining silhouettes, removing all excess and finding the precise balance between form and function in their bags, wallets and accessories. And to this B Corp, using business for good means reducing environmental impact, supporting human and animal causes, and making products that can be used and loved for a really long time.


GlamCorner’s mission is to create a modern, simple and personal fashion experience for women who are passionate about experiencing the quality of designer fashion while also reducing their impact on the environment and their wallets. They support designer labels by introducing their brands to a larger market while empowering customers to reduce their landfill by using their borrowing attire service for once-off occasions.

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