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When the Heart Breaks


Monkey Baa Theatre Company, ARA Darling Quarter Theatre, Terrace 3, 1-25 Harbour St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia


6:30pm - 8:30pm, 29th of October 2019

Life and love after loss: An inspiring conversation with Sam and Cameron Bloom

Dumbo Feather is delighted to partner with Talking Sticks on a Sydney tour, where Sam and Cameron Bloom share their story of loss, love and resilience. A story so poignant it’s being made into a feature film starring Naomi Watts – book to hear this remarkable couple’s true story.

“This story is unique, though the experiences of the Bloom family might in some way be shared by many. Seeing Sam and Cameron together, hearing them speak to each other, watching Cam’s tender care for Sam, seeing the vulnerability but immense strength in Sam’s eyes and face, is incredibly inspiring – it calls us to move through pain, it calls us to live into a bigger life whether suffering our own grief and loss or lamenting our boredom and passive passage through this colourful thing we call life”, says Talking Sticks Founder and tour curator, Mel Greblo.

Heartbreak, pain, grief, loss…how do we live on? Six years from the start of their journey, Sam and Cameron share their family’s deeply personal experience – from the lows to the highs – with audiences around Australia, in an intimate evening of visual storytelling and deeply, honest conversation. This is the true story.

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