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Conscious Company Leaders Forum 2019


Scotts Valley, California


11:30am - 10th of April 2019 — 12:00pm - 12th of April 2019

The Conscious Company Leaders Forum is an authentic meeting of the minds. For three days in April, join fellow business leaders, founders, executives, investors and thought leaders who are interested in this thing we call conscious business—where companies not only make a profit but also make a difference. Whether it’s conscious leadership practices, sustainable business models or missions that address social and global issues, these leaders are using business as a force for good.

And this is not your typical conference. There are no keynotes, slides, or listening to someone talk at you for hours on end. The Leaders Forum is an unparalleled experience where you can have deep, unfiltered conversations, where business leaders come to connect, collaborate and truly engage with each other. Everyone in the audience is a peer you can learn something from—not someone who will be pitching you on their product or service. The speakers at the forum are required to be raw and open in talking about what it’s actually like to be a business leader, so that we can all can learn from each other’s mistakes, challenges and triumphs rather than hear canned, polished speeches.

See the agenda and full speaker line-up including leaders such as:
– Bob Chapman – CEO of Barry-WehMiller
– Suzy Batiz – creator of Poo~Pourri
– Walter Robb – former Co-CEO of Whole Foods
… And many more here: https://consciouscompanyleadersforum.com/

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