Conscious Creative Living: The Series


Jareseben: Belbrae, Great Ocean Road


10:30pm - 10th of January 2020 — 1:30am - 12th of December 2020


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Held on the second Saturday of the month 9.30am-12.30pm, get back to nature and participate in the conscious exploration of your choice with sessions including meditation, regenerative food, art reimagined, salami making, surfing, mountain-biking, homemake it, wild foods, digital detox, crystal healing, yoga, wine education. Led by experts in their respective fields, dive deep into as much knowledge as can be packed into 3hrs, all in the beautiful surrounds of nature at Jareseben, Great Ocean Road.

With constant connectivity driving anxiety & depression, mental health now affects 1 in 4 Australians. We’ve forgotten where our food comes from and how to connect as humans. It’s time to remember.

With the knowing that Nature is the source that has connected people to their bodies, their minds, their food, their communities for hundreds of thousands of years it is the collective mission to re-inspire & re-connect people with nature & conscious creative living.

So bring a friend, share with your communities and join like-minded folk. Armed with the tools and know-how you will take home skills & behaviours you learn towards a better tomorrow for us all.

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