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Courage. Freedom. Retreat.


Mossy Willow Farm, Main Ridge VIC


8:00am - 7:00pm, 10th of May 2019

Experience a day and evening of nourishing wonder and wisdom themed upon the strengthening, expansive concepts of courage and freedom.

Are you passionate about your work? Are you trying to sustain yourself in the midst of heavy demands? Does the commitment and urgency you feel to make a difference press heavily?

Within the rush and haste we can find ourselves stimulated by our passions and yet simultaneously overwhelmed by them. Courage and freedom can feel far away.

Circles of Trust® retreats offer rare opportunities for renewal: for deeper connection with like-minded, committed peers, and the chance to engage with personal questions of importance at a gentle pace in a tranquil setting, where all sharing is by invitation and in a safe atmosphere of collegial enquiry.

The methods of Circles of Trust focus kindly and unthreateningly upon the integrity and core values of the whole person; giving attention to individual identity and courage for the varied roles and responsibilities that fill our lives, and the freedom to choose. In so doing, Circles of Trust powerfully enable in participants the key indicators of performance for all of life – the bringing of the whole of who we are, to what we do.

Courage & Renewal retreats foster personal and professional renewal by offering time, space, promptings and a community of support to reflect on life and work. They create opportunity to:

• Pause, be still, disconnect from technology and the pace of a modern life.
• Engage at a deeper level with our true selves and the questions that have heart and meaning for us.
• Investigate, talk through, and honour both struggles and successes.
• Witness and be witnessed, listen and be listened to—without performance evaluation, judgment, comparison, or ego.
• Learn new skills for strengthening capacity to ask open, honest questions, hold tension, and re-join soul and role.

What to Expect: Approximately 30 other people will participate in this retreat with you. Together, we will engage in large and small-group dialogues focused on evocative texts and questions, experience silence, solitude and journaling for reflection, and tell stories from our own lives and work. Thereby a shared process will be created for exploring the intersections of our inner lives, our leadership in the world, and our relationships with courage and freedom.

This program is based on the Circle of Trust approach developed by the Centre for Courage & Renewal and Parker J. Palmer. You can learn more online here.

Your facilitators: Accredited Courage & Renewal facilitators Rosie and Rich Martin will support the flow of this non-didactic day of reflective dialogue.

Rosie is passionate about holding gracious space to support people to listen deeply to their inner wisdom. More deeply knowing ourselves permits us to bring our best to our communication and connection with others – supporting them to likewise bring their best selves. Rosie is also a speech pathologist and criminologist; passionate about social justice, she was awarded 2017 Tasmanian Australian of the Year for literacy development work she began in Risdon Prison.

Rich has particular interests in mindful personal-development for men and others who have experienced disadvantage and loss. He works in his own businesses and volunteers other time in a wide range of local and overseas community-development projects. Having witnessed and experienced the expansive work of reflective dialogue, he is excited to share the Circle of Trust suite of high quality and relevant personal and leadership tools.

If you would like to know more information about this retreat, email us at hello@dumbofeather.com.

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