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Elderhood Immersion - 5 Days with Stephen Jenkinson


North Stradbroke Island, Queensland


12:00pm - 6th of May 2019 — 5:00pm - 10th of May 2019

Elderhood Immersion is a five day gathering hosted by Pacific Earth School on beautiful North Stradbroke Island featuring international teacher, author and social activist, Stephen Jenkinson. The event is for anyone with a desire to be useful to those now inheriting an endangered and often dangerous world, those who have an instinct and a desire to be an ancestor worth claiming. Think of it as a radical training in elder-hood in an almost elderless time, this is for people of all ages.

Imagine a future that replaces retirement with esteemed elderhood, where young people receive real recognition of their worth and purpose in life and a living example of enduring discernment and courage for the hard and often empty times that are upon us all. Stephen believes the esteem of parents and friends can only go so far: Others and elders must bring the rest. Grandparents who are grand not only for their children’s children, but for all the young ones, whose grandness comes from having wrangled wisdom from experience, from becoming more elder, less senior citizen. Grandparents now must be elders even – especially – when no one asks it of them. Come contemplate something of the skills of grace in a graceless time, of mentorship and true teaching, of fierce and exemplary grief and compassion.

For more information, visit The Pacific Village.

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