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Impact Build 2020




12:00am - 7th of March 2020 — 12:00am - 14th of March 2020

In 2020 Habitat for Humanity Australia will start an exciting new partnership with a remarkable group of women from Nepalgunj village in Nepal. These women are widows in a country where the marital status of a woman plays a very important role on her social standing.

Women who are divorced, separated, widowed or abandoned, face social stigma and discrimination, including the humiliating rituals of breaking bangles, a symbol of marriage in Nepal. In their culture these widowed women are considered symbols of ill-omen. They are believed to be the cause of their husband’s death and any other misfortune that befalls their family. Violence towards these women is common, often resulting in severe beatings or even death. Some women are no longer welcome in their former husband’s family home and are forced into poverty along with their children.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, Habitat for Humanity Australia invites men and women from our own communities here in Australia to join us as we volunteer alongside the women of Nepalguni to build ten houses and rebuild a community.  Through the Impact Build, you will play an important role in the reconstruction of village infrastructure such as housing, water and sanitation facilities, while building a safer, united community of women. Unite, Empower and Build Community.


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