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#StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit




12:00am - 21st of March 2019 — 12:00am - 31st of March 2019

StartSomeGood is a leader in cause-driven crowdfunding, innovative partnerships and social entrepreneur education, offering individuals and businesses the support and resources they need to bring meaning to their work. The #StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit is in its 3rd year, and will take place between March 21st and 31st.

The #StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit is a free online experience that will give participants a close-quarters opportunity to interact with more than 30 of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and experts in social change. Geared towards changemakers and innovative thinkers, #StartingGood aims to help embed change at the heart of a business strategy through four streams of conversation:

· Inspiration: stories from the road to creating tangible social change.
· Insights: topic focused discussions around things like climate change, blockchain, ethical fashion and impact investment.
· Mindset: the psychology of a changemaker.
· Action: practical how-to workshops on entrepreneurship.

The key objective of #StartingGood is to inspire, educate and empower people to grow a business with social values, as well as inspire individuals to bring ‘purpose’ to their work. Registrations for #StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit are now open, with course content available online until the 7th of April

Dates: March 21st-31st, 2019 (with course content available until April 7th)
Registration: www.starting.gd
Cost: FREE for a limited time

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