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Small Giants Academy: Storytelling for Change




5:30pm - 9th of November 2022 — 8:00pm - 30th of November 2022

Learn how to harness storytelling to transform the world with master storyteller Nathan Scolaro.

Since the beginning of time storytelling has been at the heart of individual and societal change. From our own personal lives to our organisations, communities and cultures, story has the power to radically shift what we believe, how we relate and how we grow.

In this four-week Deep Dive you will explore the role of storytelling plays in shaping our individual identities and our cultures, develop your skills to tell good stories, and consider how to publish content on public platforms to affect culture change.

Blending theory, practical exercises and case studies, Storytelling for Change will illuminate the intersection between the stories we tell and the way we live, work and interact with one another.

This Deep Dive is hosted by Master Storyteller Nathan Scolaro and features guest speakers including ⁠

🔹 Pico Iyer, Author & old friend of Dumbo Feather⁠
🔹 Danielle Caruana (aka Mama Kin), storyteller and mystical conjurer ⁠
🔹 Maya Newell, director and impact producer⁠
🔹 Berry Liberman, creative director, impact investor, businesswoman and storyteller⁠
🔹 Kirsty De Garis, Editor of Dumbo Feather ⁠

Join us for an immersive experience and step into your authentic power as a storyteller.

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