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The Ageing and Ethics Symposium - Cranlana


Cranlana, 62 Clendon Road, Toorak 3142


9:00am - 4th of July 2019 — 4:30pm - 5th of July 2019

It is often said that the way a society treats its elderly is a reflection of its moral health. Too often, questions of responsibility and care clash with economic and demographic realities, with the aged care sector caught at the critical intersection.

The Ageing & Ethics Symposium provides leaders in the sector with an ethical lens to examine the contradictions inherent in delivering end-of-life care. In doing so, it offers a new and challenging approach to their ethical dilemmas, a moral framework to provide clarity in decision-making, and a broader way of thinking about their work in caring for the elderly in our community.

Using The Cranlana Programme’s distinct method of shared enquiry, this is a rare opportunity for 2 days of critical reflection in a private environment among industry peers. It’s a professional and personal investment in your future; a valuable opportunity to strengthen your ability to reason and advocate for what is right.

For more information email admin@cranlana.org.au.


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