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The Weekly Service with Lydia Fairhall


The White House, 11 Princes Street, St Kilda


10:45am - 2:00pm, 11th of May 2019

Dumbo Feather readers might be familiar with the recent writings of Lydia Fairhall, a Worimi woman of many talents. In addition to being Executive Producer for ILBIJERRI Theatre Company, the longest running First Nations theatre company in Australia, Lydia is a singer/songwriter, freelance writer, film producer, festival curator and mother of two. She is the storyteller for our courage-themed event at the Weekly Service.

A deep thinker and feeler, Lydia’s biggest and possibly most testing act of courage yet is “to find peace, despite external conditions and intergenerational trauma, to practice nurturing, to shine a light on a deep love for humanity and to practice a radical self-care and care of people and country as a form of peaceful resistance and alignment”. Join us as Lydia shares her reflections on courage, power, resistance and consciousness in contemporary Australia, a country with a black history and also a “black soul and a black future”.

The Weekly Service is a crafted experience of storytelling, reflection, discussion, music and tea, which is designed to help us slow down and reconnect. Each week centres around a different theme and storyteller, curated by a member of the community. Dumbo Feather hosts a quarterly event in collaboration with the Weekly Service at our St Kilda Headquarters. Join us as we explore courage, the theme of our latest issue, with Lydia and the awesome crew at The Weekly Service.

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