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We're all going to die


Hotel Esplanade, 11 The Esplanade, St Kilda VIC 3182


6:30pm - 26th of March 2019 — 9:00pm - 28th of March 2019

Following the success of Sydney and Byron’s sold-out festivals WAGTD is coming to Melbourne with its mission to empower people to Fear Less & Live More.
Running over three nights from March 26 – 28 the festival will bring it’s unique immersive experiences to The Espy, St Kilda. From Death Meditations (Indigo Project) to dance performances (Groove therapy) and so much more the night will feature thought provoking, belly laughing art that will give you a whole new appreciation for life (and death).


10 OUT OF 10 PEOPLE READING THIS WILL DIE. Scary? We think the opposite. We’re All Going To Die is a mini-festival here to remind you to celebrate life through the lens of death.

Why? Because it cuts out the bullshit and puts our everyday fears into perspective.

How? Through art.


We’re All Going To Die is a creative community that uses death to empower you to fear less and live more. In the past  year, We’re All Going To Die has travelled to Sydney, Auckland, Los Angeles and Byron Bay, including the first immersive arts festival of its kind. The ‘Fear Less Live More’ message has been heard by thousands through talks, art events and the official book, which has been distributed in over twenty countries.


Following the success of Sydney and Byron’s sold-out festivals We’re All Going To Die is coming to Melbourne! A four-part immersive experience We’re All Going To Die Melbourne will draw on highlights from both Sydney and Byron’s festivals, then take it next level.


We’re All Going To Die was born out of Stefan Hunt’s search for perspective around his day-to-day fears, “Three years ago I suffered from anxiety and it sucked,” says Hunt. “I was so afraid of the unknown that I couldn’t make a simple life decision. My life spiraled.” Phrases such as YOLO and ‘life’s too short’ were zapped of inspiration and it wasn’t until he penned a poem, ‘We’re All Going to Die’, that he found certainty. Flash forward three years and the poem is an illustrated book for adults, turned short film, and immersive arts festival. To bring it all to life, Hunt gave up his job and admits it’s been challenging, “there’s not a day where I haven’t been afraid of failing, but if I’d have given up then fear would have won. That’s what I’m aiming for with this project. To empower us all to fear less and live more, because we’re all going to die anyway, right?”


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Please note that regretfully one of the five experiences of the We’re All Going To Die Festival is being held in the Basement venue of The Espy and as such is currently not wheelchair accessible due to the location of the lift within this heritage building. We encourage that for all enquiries relating to accessibility – please email arts@hotelesplanade.com.au to discuss your requirements and how we can best assist you in engaging with this festival.

We respect and thank the Yaluk-ut Weelam people of the Kulin Nation on whose unceded land we make this festival.

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