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World Localization Day



12:00am - 11:00pm, 21st of June 2020

World Localization Day is a rolling online programme of talks, interviews, music, short films and humour featuring Russell Brand, Annie Lennox, Brian Eno, Iain McGilchrist, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Charles Eisenstein, Vandana Shiva, Johann Hari, Damon Gameau, Gail Bradbrook, and many others .

COVID-19 has caused a fundamental rethink of the global economy. Failing supply lines have called into question the wisdom of depending, even for our most basic needs, on production the other side of the world — a dependence that undermines local communities everywhere and places intolerable stress on the environment. At the same time, many people have come to appreciate the value of a slower-paced, less stressful life: one that offers more time for friends and family, for baking, for growing a garden. And, of course, we are more aware than ever before of the importance of our physical health. From sad experience, we now understand that wellbeing is the ultimate priority. Public opinion seems to have turned firmly against going back to “business as usual”. So where do we go instead? This event will argue that a new economic paradigm is required. It’s called localization.

What is Localization? 

Localization is about supporting local shops, local farms and farmers’ markets, local businesses. It’s about keeping money within the community. It’s about investing in the place where you live – financially, emotionally, practically. It’s about building on the resources of the area, both human and natural, and living within ecological limits. It’s not about eliminating international trade, but about reducing the power of unaccountable corporations.And it’s about pressing for policy change: to shift taxes, subsidies and regulations that currently favour a small number of global giants to support instead a multitude of businesses and industries.



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