FAQ: Our new three-magazines-a-year subscription


At Dumbo Feather, last year allowed us to look at the impact we’re having on the Earth and in our community, and review how we do things as a team. With storytelling and extraordinary conversations at the heart of Dumbo Feather, we felt it was important to embrace a commitment to slowing down and refocussing.


With this in mind, we are reducing our magazine run to three issues per year. From now on, our issues will come out in March, July and November every year.


We hope we answer your questions relating to this change below.



I’m a subscriber – what does the change mean for my subscription?


If you’re already a Dumbo Feather subscriber – good on you! – you don’t need to do anything. We’ve emailed you separately explaining what this means for your subscription.


In a nutshell, even though we’ll now release three issues a year, you will still receive all four magazines that you paid for, delivered to your door as usual.


Be sure to check your inbox around the release of each issue as we’ll be in touch.


Will my auto-renew roll over to the new three-magazine-a-year subscription?


If you already have an auto-renew subscription with us, once the last issue on that subscription has been sent, your auto-renew won’t roll over onto our new three-magazines-a-year subscription.


But don’t worry – we’ve got you. We’ll be in touch when your final issue is on its way to you to remind you to subscribe onto the new three-magazines-a-year subscription. We’ll make this as easy and simply as possible.


So, when will my magazines arrive?


From now on, our issues will come out in March, July and November every year. That means if you currently have three issues left on your subscription, you will receive your magazines in July 2021, November 2021 and March 2022, for instance.


How do I purchase the new three-magazines-a-year subscription?


Thank you for your support! Simply click here to purchase your Dumbo Feather subscription for $57 including delivery to your door.


Is the new three-magazines-a-year subscription auto-renew?


Yes! You will purchase a new three-magazines-a-year subscription for $57 via our online shop, which will auto-renew in 12 months’ time (unless you opt out).


From now on, all Dumbo Feather subscriptions are auto-renew, except gift subscriptions, which run for 12 months only.


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