17 April 2020
Episode #1

Transformation Through Rites of Passage #1

Dumbo Feather Podcast

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In this special mini-series of the Dumbo Feather podcast, our publisher and editor-in-chief Berry Liberman examines this moment in history as a rite of passage with good friend and founder of the Rites of Passage Institute, Dr Arne Rubinstein.

Over the next few episodes, Berry and Arne will unpack the elements and stages of a rite of passage and look at how they relate to our individual and collective lives. They will ask, “How can this period be experienced as a rite of passage?” and “What does a healthy transformation look like?”

Berry and Arne discuss the opportunity that exists in this time of widespread isolation – which could be understood as a container or cocoon from which we emerge – and share ideas and insights for listeners to bring into their individual lives, families and communities.

In the last 15 minutes of each show, Berry and Arne will answer questions and reflections from listeners. If you have something you’d like them to discuss, email them via digital@dumbofeather.com

#1 Transformation Through Rites of Passage #1
#1 Transformation Through Rites of Passage #1
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