25 August 2021
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Music mini-series #2: Genevieve Lacey

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Welcome to episode 2 of our music mini-series on the Dumbo Feather podcast, where we’re sharing readings, conversations and most importantly music to celebrate our latest issue of Dumbo Feather magazine.

In this episode, we’re bringing you a reading by Melbourne-based recorder virtuoso Genevieve Lacey. Genevieve creates poetic, sensual worlds in a variety of contexts – from the stage to the garden to the radio.

During the ups and downs of 2020, Genevieve created the album Bower. In the following reading she shares what that experience was like for her and others within the arts community here in Australia.

Genevieve has generously shared some of the music from Bower to accompany her reading, which has been magnificently producer by sound engineer Jim Atkin. The order of music is as follows:

Lou Bennett Baiyan Woka arr Erkki Veltheim

Erkki Veltheim Nocturne over blue ruins

Johann Jakob Froberger Lamentation faite sur la mort très douloureuse de Sa Majesté Impériale, Ferdinand III

Andrea Keller I Surrender

Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey A Mutual Support for Precarious Times

Bree van Reyk threaded in amongst the infinite threading

# Music mini-series #2: Genevieve Lacey
# Music mini-series #2: Genevieve Lacey
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