24 April 2020
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Transformation through Rites of Passage #2

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It’s episode 2 of our Dumbo Feather mini-series “Transformation Through Rites of Passage,” featuring Berry in conversation with friend and the founder of the Rites of Passage Institute, Dr Arne Rubinstein.

After chatting about separation as the first major path of a rite of passage, Berry and Arne go deep on the next stage – transformation – exploring the critical role that both the sharing of stories and challenges or ordeals play within that.

With lightness, depth and humour, Berry and Arne move between the experience of an individual in these stages of development and the experiences of us as a global community transitioning to new paradigms and ways of being.

In the last 15 minutes of each show, Berry and Arne will answer questions and reflections from listeners. If you have something you’d like them to discuss, email digital@dumbofeather.com

# Transformation through Rites of Passage #2
# Transformation through Rites of Passage #2
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