22 May 2020
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Transformation through Rites of Passage #5

Dumbo Feather Podcast

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It’s the final episode of our liminal space (lockdown) miniseries with Berry and Dr Arne Rubinstein, talking all things rites of passage as they relate to this profound moment in time.

In this chat, they continue to explore the re-integration phase of a rite of passage, particularly how we can hold ourselves and one another accountable for the growth, lessons learned and gifts revealed during the transformation process.

We’ve so enjoyed producing this series for you, and would love to know how it was received and what you’d like to hear more of, especially as we continue to navigate change together as a community. Email us with your feedback and ideas to digital@dumbofeather.com

Big thanks to Arne for his extraordinary contributions. Be sure to engage with more of his work through The Rites of Passage Institute.

# Transformation through Rites of Passage #5
# Transformation through Rites of Passage #5
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