12 December 2022
Episode #85

Celebrating aliveness with Esther Perel

Dumbo Feather Podcast

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It’s the brilliant, joyful and wise Esther Perel!

Esther is the foremost expert on human relationships and sexuality right now on the planet, and author of the New York Times bestseller Mating in Captivity, which shook the ground beneath us with the concept of erotic intelligence.

She is a cultural force & global icon, creator of two outstanding podcasts series: Where Should We Begin, which takes us into the therapy room as she counsels real couples through their conflicts, and How’s Work? about the invisible forces that shape workplace dynamics.

Esther joined us for an intimate event in Melbourne in November 2022 to launch her new game, Where Should We Begin, and her chat with our editor-in-chief Berry was a celebration of everything that brings us alive.

Our friends at Good & Proper recorded this conversation, you can choose to listen to the podcast or watch it here.

#85 Celebrating aliveness with Esther Perel
#85 Celebrating aliveness with Esther Perel
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During this conversation, Esther mentions Yuval Harari, who wrote Sapiens, Homo Deus, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

And, Berry mentions her conversation with Gloria Steinem, read it in issue #48. 

You can also listen to Berry and Esther’s 2018 conversation on the Dumbo Feather podcast.

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