9 May 2022
Episode #76

Elizabeth Sawin: scientist, systems thinker, multisolver

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Elizabeth Sawin is unlocking the power of multi-solving for people and planet.

A student of biology, she became fascinated with the interconnectedness of all things, in a world that is often ready to simplify and seperate. Climate change sat at the heart of those connections, leading her on a path to activism and the co-founding of Climate Interactive, a group that uses system dynamics — an approach to understand the behaviour of complex systems — to drive meaningful and equitable climate action.

This year, Elizabeth has moved on to a new role as director of the Multisolving Institute, which focuses on solutions that address the climate emergency while also improving health, well-being, equity, and economic vitality.

Elizabeth developed the idea of ‘multisolving’ to help people see and create conditions for these win-win-win solutions. Earlier this year, she spoke with our contributor Myke Bartlett for our systems change of issue of Dumbo Feather magazine.

#76 Elizabeth Sawin: scientist, systems thinker, multisolver
#76 Elizabeth Sawin: scientist, systems thinker, multisolver
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