17 November 2021
Episode #66

Holly Ringland: author, pleasure-seeker, joy beacon

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We have just launched issue 68 of Dumbo Feather magazine – themed “Treasured Spaces,” and one of the conversations we had for that was with author and TV presenter Holly Ringland.

We came to know Holly through the ABC series, Back to Nature, in which she and actor Aaron Pedersen travel through vast, awe-inspiring Australian landscapes hearing the stories of the land.

In this chat, Holly speaks with Dumbo Feather editor Nathan Scolaro about her experiences making the show, and the importance of treating our selves as treasured spaces.

Holly’s first novel is The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, about a young girl with an abusive farther who is taught the language of Australian flowers by her grandmother to say the things that are too hard to speak. The book has become an international bestseller, and is currently being adapted into a television series produced by and starring Sigourney Weaver.

Tune into the ABC’s stunning six-part series Back to Nature on ABC iView.

For more stories and conversations like this one, get yourself a copy of our Treasured Spaces issue from your local bookshop or retailer, or over at our website dumbofeather.com

#66 Holly Ringland: author, pleasure-seeker, joy beacon
#66 Holly Ringland: author, pleasure-seeker, joy beacon
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