14 April 2022
Episode #76

Jess Scully: councillor, curator, future shaper

Dumbo Feather Podcast

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This week we’re revisiting some of the spirit and empowered thinking that emerged from the chaos of 2020, with a conversation we had at the time with the deputy lord mayor of Sydney, Jess Scully.

Jess is an extraordinary young councillor who is helping bring more voices to the political table, while creating pathways to reclaim public spaces, address housing problems, and enable more resilient and connected cities and communities.

Jess is also an arts curator and writer, a passionate advocate for the role of creativity in our lives. At the time we caught up with her, she had just released her first book, Glimpses of Utopia: Real Ideas for a Fairer World.

It’s a wonderful conversation that spans her experiences in politics, advocating for more participatory forms of democracy, her vision for our cities, as well as what was coming for her at the time as young mum four months into the pandemic.

Jess is chatting with our programming manager at Small Giants Academy, Eleanor Gammell.

#76 Jess Scully: councillor, curator, future shaper
#76 Jess Scully: councillor, curator, future shaper
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