18 May 2021
Episode #57

Kate Raworth: renegade, visionary, doughnut economist

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One of the things we love at Dumbo Feather is learning about new models of success which we can implement in our communities and nations to ensure more prosperity across the board – for people and planet, not just the top one percent.

A trailblazer in this work is Kate Raworth, an economist for the University of Oxford who devised the doughnut economic model, which defines the social and environmental boundaries we must live within in order to thrive. If you haven’t come across this work already, we suggest you press pause now and familiarise yourself with the doughnut – there’s plenty about it online. And then dive into this scintillating chat with Kate, which was recorded mid-2020 as part of our Small Giants Academy Next Economy series. The conversation was facilitated by our publisher Berry Liberman.

Also, check out the work of Regen Melbourne and their localised take on Kate’s work. The Melbourne Donought is being used to chat a more regenerative future for the city. You can learn more about it at regen.melbourne.

This episode was produced on the lands of the Woi Wurrung people of the Kulin Nations – we acknowledge the traditional owners, and elders past and present.

#57 Kate Raworth: renegade, visionary, doughnut economist
#57 Kate Raworth: renegade, visionary, doughnut economist
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