21 January 2021
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Lucy Peach: folk singer, educator, period queen

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This month’s chat is with the delightful & insightful Lucy Peach, author of the book Period Queen.

Hailing from Fremantle WA, Lucy is a folk singer, performer & a long time champion of the power of the menstrual cycle. We love the way Lucy talks about the period and the invitation that is present in each stage of that cycle.

This conversation was had in October last year for our current issue of Dumbo Feather magazine, which is all about rest and the cycles that we are both part of and are part of us. If you dig the topics that come up, then definitely pick up a copy of the mag – either at your local retailer or online over at dumbofeather.com.

Lucy is chatting with our publisher and editor in chief, the joyful & always on point, Berry Liberman.

# Lucy Peach: folk singer, educator, period queen
# Lucy Peach: folk singer, educator, period queen
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