14 February 2022
Episode #73

Manish Jain: uneducator, unlearner, local-movemen pioneer

Dumbo Feather Podcast

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On this episode, we have unlearner, uneducator Manish Jain. Manish is deeply committed to regenerating our diverse local knowledge systems and cultural imaginations. He is one of the leading voices on the planet for “de-schooling” our lives and co-founded some of the most innovative educational experiments in the world, including the Swaraj University, India’s first university dedicated to regenerating local cultures, economies and ecologies. The interview was held by Alex Jensen from Local Futures, and was part of our Localisation issue of Dumbo Feather magazine.

You can learn more about Local Futures and more incredible people involved in the localising movement, Like Manish, over at localfutures.orgThanks to our editing guns, Cheshire Audio and Yaga, and thank you for tuning in.We are currently putting the finishing touches on our March issue of Dumbo Feather magazine, all about systems change and how we can creation rapid, wide-scale mobilisation in the midst of the climate crisis. We have many exciting things to share with you in that, so stay tuned for more. Bye for now.

#73 Manish Jain: uneducator, unlearner, local-movemen pioneer
#73 Manish Jain: uneducator, unlearner, local-movemen pioneer
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