21 February 2022
Episode #74

Maree Lowes: storyteller, grower, dirtgirl

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Maree Lowes is best known as the actress and storyteller behind dirtgirl, from the acclaimed children’s television series dirtgirlworld.

She uses video, words and action to advocate for people & planet, moving in the pursuit of reciprocity with each other & our non-human kin.

Maree has evolved beyond the screen to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with families, farmers and First Nations communities, championing regenerative thinking and modes of regenerative agriculture. This is how she came to be Dr Bronner’s first Australian Ambassador.

Maree has so much to say about how we can live in loving relationship with the planet. Here we talk about regenerative thinking, and Maree gives her tips on cultivating resilience in uncertain times – cue “psychological flexibility”.

The keep up with Maree’s work & messages of the communities she amplifies, you can follow her on Instagram at @mareelowes

To watch Maree as dirtgirl, head to iView and search Get Grubby TV or dirtgirlworld

#74 Maree Lowes: storyteller, grower, dirtgirl
#74 Maree Lowes: storyteller, grower, dirtgirl
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