23 July 2021
Episode #62

Music mini-series #1: Jess Hitchcock & Monique diMattina

Dumbo Feather Podcast

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Greetings friends! This is the first of three music episodes of the Dumbo Feather podcast, a mini series we’ve put together to celebrate our music issue of the magazine, which you can get over at our website dumbofeather.com or at speciality newsagents and retailers.

For the next three months, we’re going to spotlight some of the musicians featured in the pages of the issue and bring their stories and music to you ears.

We’ve got two musical powerhouses for you in this episode. Indigenous opera singer, contemporary songwriter and performer Jess Hitchcock, and piano virtuoso, composer and local Fitzroy jazz player Monique diMattina.

Thanks to our partners Bank Australia for helping us bring this mini-series to life. If you’re looking to put your money somewhere that’s having a positive impact on people and planet, then get yourself over to Bank Australia. Bankaust.com.au

#62 Music mini-series #1: Jess Hitchcock & Monique diMattina
#62 Music mini-series #1: Jess Hitchcock & Monique diMattina
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