28 April 2021
Episode #56

Peter Wohlleben: Forester, listener, nature detective

Dumbo Feather Podcast

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In this conversation, we hear from one of the seminal writers in tree communication, Peter Wohlleben, who’s book “The Hidden Life of Trees” revolutionised our understanding of how trees nurture and talk to each other. The international bestseller draws on groundbreaking scientific discoveries to reveal the ways in which trees are like human families and communities, supporting the young ones as they grow, sharing nutrients to those who are sick or struggling, even warning each other of impending danger.

The masterpiece was recently made into a documentary film, screened here in Australia by our friends at Transitions Film Festival. As part of that screening, Peter was interviewed by another friend of ours Sarah Wilson, who’s recent book “This One Wild and Precious Life” is, among many things, an ode to hiking and being in forests.

#56 Peter Wohlleben: Forester, listener, nature detective
#56 Peter Wohlleben: Forester, listener, nature detective
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