23 May 2022
Episode #77

Roman Krznaric: philosopher, empath, good ancestor

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Roman Krznaric is an internationally renowned public philosopher who writes about the power of ideas to change society. Born in Sydney, he now lives in Oxford with his kids and wife Kate Raworth, who many of you will know as the designer and thinker behind Donut Economics.

Roman is the founder of the world’s first Empathy Museum and Research Fellow of the Long Now Foundation, a long-term cultural institution promoting “slower/better” thinking.

Roman’s most recent book is The Good Ancestor, which calmly calls for a reorientation towards the future, inviting us to consider the legacy we leave, for the benefit of our far-off descendants.

He spoke with our contributor Sarah Darmody in September 2020.

#77 Roman Krznaric: philosopher, empath, good ancestor
#77 Roman Krznaric: philosopher, empath, good ancestor
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