24 April 2020
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SPECIAL EPISODE: Introducing Myths, Morals & Money

Dumbo Feather Podcast

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A new podcast from our friends at Small Giants.

What shadows in our collective consciousness have created our flawed economic system? What could a new system that operates within the ecological boundaries of this planet look like? How can we dream into a more regenerative system for all? Impact Investor, Berry Liberman, publisher of Dumbo Feather and co-founder of Small Giants, is joined by three Jungian analysts, Joseph Lee, Deborah Stewart and Lisa Marchiano to analyse capitalism through a Jungian lens.

This is episode 4 of the series, a special release for Dumbo Feather listeners. Subscribe to Myths, Morals and Money wherever you get your podcasts for the first four episodes and ongoing releases in the series.

# SPECIAL EPISODE: Introducing Myths, Morals & Money
# SPECIAL EPISODE: Introducing Myths, Morals & Money
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