1 September 2021
Episode #63

Storytelling class of 2021

Dumbo Feather Podcast

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In May 2021, we ran our first four-week Storytelling for Change Course at Small Giants Academy. Each Wednesday, 15 participants would gather in the Zoom room to talk about how story shapes our individual lives and the cultures we are part of. We learned skills for finessing our stories and were joined by some of our much-loved Dumbo Feather storytellers, including Padraig O Tuama, Lydia Fairhall and Danielle Caruana.

Across the course, participants were tasked with composing a story from their life, which they then shared in the final week. We were all blown away by each other’s heartfelt, creative, hilarious sharings, and felt the magic of being intertwined in one another’s stories.

In this episode, three participants from the course have very generously recorded their stories for you all to hear. First up we have Lizi Hamer reading “The Car Ride” followed by Hermione Stewart reading “Love Survives” and finally Ben Duke with “The Blue Lagoon.”

Ben Duke is a performer and choreographer and the artistic director of the U.K. based dance theatre company Lost Dog. You can check out more of his work over at lostdogdance.co.uk. And Lizi Hamer is an author and storyhunter and Regional Creative Director at Octagon. You can check out more of her work over at lizihamer.com

Thanks to our partners Stone and Wood for sponsoring this episode.

#63 Storytelling class of 2021
#63 Storytelling class of 2021
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