13 September 2022
Episode #84

Sylvia Boorstein: meditation teacher, nurturer, sweetheart

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You might have noticed a recent run of incredible female leaders on the show – well, they keep coming!

This episode Berry sits with one of the world’s leading teachers of mindfulness meditation – Sylvia Boorstein.

Sylvia is one of the people who literally brought buddhism to the West in the 1970s, and like many of them is Jewish. She is a mother, a grandmother, a psychotherapist, and a founding teacher of Spirit Rock, a world-renowned Buddhist meditation centre in Woodacre, California.

The titles of Sylvia’s books are telling of her good humour and simple wisdom, among them including “Happiness is an inside job,” Road Sage, It’s Easier than you think, “That’s funny, You Don’t look Buddhist,” and our favourite, “Don’t just do something, sit there.”

It was an honour for us to have this time with Sylvia, and to hear her reflections and hopes in the latter stages of her life.

Sylvia will feature in our upcoming issue of Dumbo Feather magazine, if you’re not already a subscriber, go to dumbofeather.com and soak up more goodness like this in print.

#84 Sylvia Boorstein: meditation teacher, nurturer, sweetheart
#84 Sylvia Boorstein: meditation teacher, nurturer, sweetheart
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